Hornsey Park Road–One Way Street Log

Hornsey Park Road is now temporarily a one way street. This page will log our experiences as National Grid works continue...

Friday 11 11 - 12.15

The switch back was unexpected - no one thought to tell us. At least the traffic was quiet but it was faster than with the 'one way' and vehicles were again cutting the bends to keep up their speed. We mustn't forget quite what a change the one way brought to HPR and need to find a way to get the council to plan traffic through the area with this in mind. After 30 years of saying they didn't know what to do or didn't have an alternative, they now do. It's time they were fair to redients in Hornsey Park Road, before work starts on Heartlands and replan how traffic flows through our area.


It is also almost 12 months to the day since the gas works started to disrupt our area - at the Mayes Road end.

Friday 11 11 - 10.19

HPR is back to two way traffic. But should it return to being a one way street?

HPR is back to two way traffic. But should it return to being a one way street?

Comment from the residents of 125 Hornsey Park Road:
"The one way system is just about to be removed this evening.
Its been an absolute godsend to have the temporary system in place and we implore you to petition to make it a permanent solution.
Traffic and tailbacks have been eliminated. The noise has been greatly reduced. The air quality has improved and no longer affects the asthma that our mum suffers with. There is a much more relaxed “air” along the entire street.
It makes absolute sense to send the traffic going into Wood Green along the new road that until the one way system was put in place was completely unused.
Who would have thought that one could become so attached to a one way sytem ….. we want it back …. for good."

Tuesday 01 11 - 12.42

Marcus via comments:

"A rare bit of congestion in HPR this morning, thanks to the advertising van blocking one lane at the Turnpike Lane traffic lights. I wonder if this regular event (when they change over the hoarding on the side of the doctor’s surgery) has ever been caught by the traffic camera that so efficiently catches users of the bus lane. Otherwise, pretty quiet on the spine road this morning, after the half term break.

Trick-or-Treating last night was a so much more fun (and safer) with less traffic – it was very quiet traffic wise, as has been the case for the past two months."

Wednesday 05 10 - 11.28

Last night (Tuesday) we had a N29 'bendy bus' stuck on the corner, the driver resolutely pushed the barrier until he got free and continued his journey. Later another driver tried to make her way down the wrong way. Lots of noise from horns as other drivers try to persuade her to turn around around but she carried on undeterred.

Truck stuck on HPR

Truck stuck on HPR

This morning we had another truck stuck on the corner, a construction worker moved the barrier for it and it narrowly made it.

Seems to show that trucks are not able to navigate HPR without using a large part of the opposite lane at least some of the time. This would not be a problem if HPR was one way permanently.

Monday 19 09 - 16.58

A quiet weekend - there didn't even seem to be any problems on Sunday, when additional traffic was diverted into the area while Green Lanes was closed for the Harringay Food Festival.

Now we are into Week 2 and the vans guarding each end of the one-way system have gone. The engineer in charge said they were still checking how safe it all is before starting and would welcome any comments or suggestions.

Meanwhile, it was all very quiet at 6.45am, by 8.45am, southbound traffic had started to queue just back from Malvern Road (less than normal) and, by 9am it had all gone . The north end at Western Road was equally quiet. Monday mornings are usually a nightmare.

Lots of comments between neighbours about how much quieter it's all been for the past 9 days.

Saturday 17 09 - 20.51

Just had a geisterfahrer going the wrong way down HPR scaring a few drivers coming up the road. The driver just avoided a crash by going up the pavement but carries on.

Saturday 17 09 - 19.26

The new one-way system seems to have confused the garbage collectors. The recycling got removed on Friday morning, but the bins are still full.

Thursday 15 09 - 14.49

Bollard getting a good work-out as lorries try to navigate HPR

Bumpy ride: Bollard getting a good work-out as lorries try to navigate HPR

The lane restrictions in the bends of HPR seem to be troubling for buses and heavy goods vehicles, we heard an almighty rumble as a lorry went over the bollard in front of our house and today a bus was almost stuck.

Wednesday 14 09 - 23.03

I'm still looking for the hitch: for three days there has been a calm in Hornsey Park Road and yet traffic seems to be getting into and around without any problems. First thing, last thing and the middle of the day, it is moving better than normal. Perhaps it will all change when the weather turns but these last few days have been a breath of fresh air. The extra time taken to drive up Mary Neuner Road, along Coburg and back to Malvern Road is little different from the other convoluted routes around the patch and is worth it for the peace and quiet we have (temporarily!).


Wednesday 14 09 - 18.20

busy morning traffic Thursday morning

busy morning traffic Thursday morning

"I live in the part of HPR where the works appear to be starting. Our parking bays are suspended, although I cannot recall anything saying that would happen.

It is quieter with the traffic only going southward. Some motorists are getting a little confused entering HPR from the side-roads, possibly strangers to the area.

Although it is currently one way traffic, it is not possible to judge what it would be like if the road was one-way as the road is presently artificially narrowed by the works. I have a feeling (and no more than that) that if the road was one-way, the traffic may tend to go faster as there would be no oncoming traffic to worry about. Having said that, when it is two-way a fair number of vehicles go along HPR above the 20mph speed limits (the warning lights flash when they do), and some go a good deal faster."

Roger Kemp via email

Tuesday 13 09 - 09.59

13.9.11 – 7.45am –

Hornsey Park Road Tuesday morning

Hornsey Park Road Tuesday morning

No queue at the traffic lights southbound and traffic into the diversion from Turnpike Lane quiet and flowing well.  It seems a minority tried it on yesterday and drove the wrong way up the one way! Traffic engineers and a wall of “no entry”, “diversion” and “road closed” signs will hopefully get the message across. It’s not the one way system that is the problem...an incredible effort has been made to get it to work.

Tuesday 13 09 - 09.58

13.9.11 – 6.45am -
Beautiful morning and all is pretty quiet from Western Road and the Common down through Hornsey park Road. Other roads quiet too. My neighbour in Hornsey Park Road said he’d had the best night’s sleep in years.

Tuesday 13 09 - 09.57

12.9.11  - 6.00pm  -

Hornsey Park Road, Monday evening: "it's never been so quiet..."

Hornsey Park Road, Monday evening: "it's never been so quiet..."

It’s a bright and breezy evening and all roads seem quiet. There are even brief moments when there is no traffic to be heard!  Traffic in Mary Neuner Road is flowing well with gaps but it really does need a crossing for pedestrians. There is no queue in Western Road though traffic is slowing forward of the bend by the Decorium. No queues at Turnpike Lane, which is good.

Monday 12 09 - 23.25

"Never known Hornsey Park Road being so quiet during the evening"

Monday 12 09 - 20.55

"I came acroos the chaotic one way system arund 8.30 this morning when coming from Turnpike Lane into Mary Neuner. That was bad enough.but HPR was even worse. I noticed residents now had no parking spaces. Various vehicles, including cyclists, tried to and were going the wrong way when entering from the side roads despite very clear signs. If this goes on for 8 weeks i think there will be accidents. I will be trying to remember to use Ally Pally Way instead."

Lesley via comment

Monday 12 09 - 20.17

"HPR was chaotic this morning. Some vehicles trying to go against the one wat traffic! Cyclists also going wrong way"

@HornseyN8 via Twitter

Monday 12 09 - 19.00

HPR blissfully quiet as the evening traffic of people returning northbound from work is directed via Mary Neuner Road.

Monday 12 09 - 18.37

"...our parking places are suspended though it is difficult to see why really now there is technically one lane of traffic. There are no additional spaces in an already congested area.

I have an injured leg and can’t walk but my car is half way down Ravenstone Road and can’t get anywhere.

But when I do get to the car, as Alexandra road is the same one way as HPR there is much more driving to do if I want to go north."

Monday 12 09 - 14.27

Drivers going the wrong way to cut to The Avenue has been a big problem

Drivers going the wrong way to cut to The Avenue has been a problem

The BIG problem is that as we talked we saw half a dozen drivers attempt to go around the one way signs to drive North up HPR in order to cut down The Avenue. It was quite astonishing. Mark said he had seen it happen all morning. They have moved the traffic control barriers further into the junction and this does seem to be helping – but even after doing that we just saw a motorcycle hurtle up the wrong way.

They are going to position someone standing at the junction in high vis workwear 24 hours a day for the first week (charged to National Grid) to try to make the traffic scheme work. The quite serious implication of this not working will be that the one way system is repealed and traffic lights will be installed. This will certainly cause more congestion, and extend the period of works by some weeks. We’d lose the benefits of all those motorists discovering the new road, and our interesting experiment will be over.

Monday 12 09 - 14.25

Residents have now started to make comments on how it is all working and I guess there will be some settling in. There doesn’t seem to be a sign from Mayes Road directing traffic back to Western Road – there are many business addresses on Western Rd, as well as two schools. The cars parked facing the wrong way could do with a flyer on their windscreens advising them what to do.

In Malvern Road, there needs to be a sign to say there is ‘no right turn’ at Hornsey Park Road – there is a diversion sign to Park Ridings but no explanation of what the need to divert is. As a result a good deal of traffic has driven past, got stuck and had to do u-turns. The diversion is also unsuitable for HGVs (the turn into Park Ridings and from Park Ridings into Mayes Road are unsuitable - there needs to be a sign to say not HGVs etc.

Monday 12 09 - 14.18

6.30am – HPR - there seemed at lot of traffic, at speed limit or above
6.30am – Malvern - quiet
6.30am – Western Road roundabout - very quiet

7.45am – HPR – tailbacks past Malvern : northbound diversion at Clarendon very quiet
7.45am – Malvern - quiet

8.45am - HPR – tailbacks past Malvern : northbound diversion at Clarendon quiet
8.45am - Malvern - traffic doing u-turns when they discover they can turn right into HPR

11.30am – HPR – quiet to Malvern
11.30am – Malvern - quiet
11.30am – Western Road roundabout - quiet

7 comments on “Hornsey Park Road–One Way Street Log”

  1. Clarendon Road continues to appear in the old state, i.e. not a through road on Google Maps.
    HPR is B138, a B Road, unlike other roads that form PMRA, and appears in light yellow shade. Haringey Council will have the means to ensure a new completed road appears on Sat-Nav systems and eventually to the 2013 edition of A-Z atlas. PMRA should seek to upgrade the new road as the B Road thereby demoting HPR to an unlisted road to reduce through traffic.

  2. Traffic from the Shopping City end travelling down Hornsey Park Road has been accessing Clarendon Road . That was causing some problems. Today I saw a sign stating this was now expressly forbidden. Let's hope that works, otherwise there will be problems crossing the path of traffic entering from the Turnpike Lane end.

  3. I have seen a few bikes travelling the "wrong way" along Hornsey Park Road, as clearly they cannot use the roadway. They are using the pavement, so this is something which is going tol happen.

  4. The landfill bins were emptied in Hornsey Park Road today, so only one working day late. Not bad in the circumstances.

  5. The contractors did not collect the landfill bins on Friday, although did empty the recycling containers. I am on that part of the road where the parking bins are currently coned off and it would not be possible to move the wheelie bins without taking them up the road and back. However, the recycling can be lifted over the barrier. That may explain what happened around this section but if landfill has not been collected for the whole road then perhaps there is some other reason..

    There has been occasions where it has been difficult to cross Clarendon Road. Traffic from Turnpike Lane has jumped the lights, then it is necessary to wait for traffic from Clarenden Road, and once that is clear, the traffic is moving again from Turnpike Lane. I suppose the answer is to walk down the Eastern side of Hornsey Park Road.

  6. I came acroos the chaotic one way system arund 8.30 this morning when coming from Turnpike Lane into Mary Neuner. That was bad enough.but HPR was even worse. I noticed residents now had no parking spaces. Various vehicles, including cyclists, tried to and were going the wrong way when entering from the side roads despite very clear signs. If this goes on for 8 weeks i think there will be accidents. I will be trying to remember to use Ally Pally Way instead.

  7. Longer term we can assess the benefits. Speeding is still a problem it seems (2 way or 1 way) and of course some residents including me have lost their parking spaces with no attempt to redress this whilst these works go on for 2 months.

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