Community Clean Up Day in Hornsey Park on 15th October

Residents campaigning against rubbish dumping and fly tipping

Residents campaigning against fly tipping

PMRA is working with the council’s Team Noel Park and Veolia to raise residents’ awareness of the free collection services for large/bulky items, the benefit to us all of keeping our front gardens and forecourts free of household items and discarded furniture and the negative impact of dumping and fly tipping.

Disappointingly, a few residents are responsible for the illegal dumping of rubbish near the corner of Hornsey Park Road and Mayes Road.

There will be pre booked collection service large/bulky items (details to follow).

Rubbish dumped in Malvern Road

Rubbish dumped in Malvern Road

The Clean Up Day is the perfect opportunity for us, as individuals, as neighbours working together and through PMRA (the residents association) to spruce up the area and remind ourselves what a fine place it is.

Watch out for our leaflets, more details here and a presentation by Veolia at the PMRA meeting on Wednesday, 12th October, 2016 .