Hornsey Park Community Streets – Final Proposals – Statutory Consultation Ends 1st February 2017

Clarendon Road, Hornsey Park Rd, The Avenue (via Google Maps)

Clarendon Road, Hornsey Park Rd, The Avenue (via Google Maps)

The Association has received the following letter in connection with final proposals for the Community Streets Project. PMRA’s views have been posted previously and the scheme has been on the agenda of a number of General meetings over the past year. We are disappointed that not all of the projects identified in the earlier consultation are being taken through and will endeavour to ensure that this late running project does at least bring the promised level of investment in essential measures to encourage residents and visitors alike to walk and cycle to the town centre and across the area more widely.


As with previous schemes, we have committed to add value to projects we support by adding and maintaining planting and other features such as artwork: the fruits of this approach are now an established feature of the junction of Hornsey Park Road and Mayes Road and Mayes Road/martins Walk through to Alexandra Road. The message is, if we support and help implement the right schemes, vastly more is achieved that the council could ever achieve alone. Our area and Wood Green needs more of this approach if it is to ever improve.

Clarendon Rd/Hornsey Park Rd Junction Scheme PDF
Clarendon Road/Hornsey Park Rd/The Avenue Scheme Detail 1
Clarendon Road/Hornsey Park Rd/The Avenue Scheme Detail 2


Dear Resident or Business,

Following the recent consultation we have identified a list of schemes for progression
in the Hornsey Park Neighbourhood.

The proposed accessibility and environmental improvement works are shown on the
plan overleaf. Key features include:

 Safety and accessibility work at Hornsey Park Road/Clarendon Road Junction.
 Central road islands to slow traffic and act as a gateway into the area.
 Trees or planting to be maintained in conjunction with a local residents

This notification letter marks the start of a three week period during which we welcome
your comments. Please have your say by filling in and returning the enclosed freepost
feedback card. Alternatively you can email frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk with
your views. The closing date for receipt of views and comments is 1 February 2017.
All representations will be considered before a final decision is taken. Should you
require further information, email: frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk and please
put ‘Hornsey Park’ in the email header.

Thank you for your interest.

Yours faithfully

Sustainable Transport: Highways Engineering