General Meeting Minutes February

General Meeting 8 February 2017

Present: 20 residents

Gary Smith, Haringey Project Officer addressed the meeting about two issues.
Community Streets Project
Following public consultation and feedback, the following projects will be implemented:
A gateway feature at the junction of Hornsey Park Road and Clarendon Road that will declutter and realign the kerb to narrow the road. The aim is to deter bad driving and large vehicles.
The ramp over the zebra crossing in Hornsey Park Road will be lowered. This is expected to reduce vibration and noise for neighbouring houses.
Trees will be replaced and maintained in Alexandra Road.
A sturdy fence will be erected to protect the garden in Martins Walk.

The work is expected to take place in March 2017.

Coronation Sidings
The budget available from this development is being allocated by the council. The suggestions include cleaning and lighting under the railway bridge and changes to the junction at Tottenham Lane.
The meeting strongly expressed that the priority should be widening the pavement under the bridge. It is experienced as unsafe, particularly for children walking to St Mary’s school. Requests for improvement have been ignored for over 30 years.

Heartlands Development andWood Green Action Plan
Three reps from St William addressed the meeting. St.William/National Grid own the land and have planning permission to build 950 homes.
The council’s Wood Green Action Plan aims to increase the number of homes in Wood Green. St William have been asked to increase the units. They can do this by extending the current site to build more densely on current industrial buildings. Provision of a school and health centre is envisaged.
St William also propose to make changes to the current plan by reducing the size of the open square and the blocks and integrating small parks and open spaces.The meeting expressed approval of the changes in this design.
Planning permission for the larger scheme will be subject to negotiation.
Building is expected to begin in 2018.

Officers from the regeneration team would like to attend a meeting to discuss the Wood Green Action Plan. We decided to invite neighbouring residents association to join us.

Japanese Knot Wood
Councillor Mann has offered to chair a meeting with residents who are affected by knotweed contamination from land managed by Homes from Haringey.

£17.55 was raised from the yellow bucket, £10 of which was donated for the use of the hall.

AGM Minutes February 2017