Fighting back the Knotweed Invasion

The invasive knotweed is causing misery for residents

The invasive knotweed is causing misery for residents

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that is difficult and expensive to eradicate. Although permissible to grow, there is a legal requirement to ensure that it does not spread onto neighbouring land. (See link to RHS )

The presence of Japanese Knotweed is noted in house surveys for mortgages and is likely to reduce the value of the loan offered or make a loan impossible to obtain.

On 21 February some Noel Park residents met with councillor Stephen Mann and Oreain Robinson, Quality Assurance Officer with Homes For Haringey who speaks for the council on this issue. Residents first raised this problem with the council in 2015. It was established that Homes for Haringey have accepted responsibility for Knotweed that appears to originate from their property. They are able to instruct a specialist company who is commissioned to deal with the work.

Councillor Mann agreed with residents that :
This is a a growing problem that needs a co-ordinated approach. The council should undertake effective support. It is not adequate to advise residents to take private action against their neighbours.
The council has a role in publicising the situation. I.e. The importance of tackling the problem before it spreads and that Homes for Haringey must deal with infestations coming from their land. It was also suggested that the council should undertake local audits when knotweed is found and take appropriate action.

This was a useful meeting and we hope that an improved policy and service to residents will follow.

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