A Mayor's Pocket Park for Alexandra Road and Martins Walk

Sadly, we have heard that our application has failed. We received the following message from the GLA, which makes it clear they do not want to hear from us again.

We received a large number of applications for the first round of the Pocket Parks Fund.  Consequently, it was a very competitive process.

Due to the large number of applications, we are not able to provide detailed feedback on all the unsuccessful applications. However, I can provide the following feedback: your application was a good project that survived the initial cut when scored against the key criteria; it was then scrutinised by the panel along with c.40 other applications. The plus points of your application were:

  •   the involvement of the residents association
  •   the links to a existing public realm scheme
  •   the potential for further involvement by local businesses and residents
  •  a very well presented application

The negative points were:

  • the scheme seemed very high spec (presumably to tie in with the TfL Major Scheme) - this raised concerns about long-term maintenance
  •   the constraints re maintaining vehicle access (although addressed by the design) meant that the space might not work well as a pocket park
  •   the greening components were limited and high maintenance

Consequently, the panel had concerns about the cost and function of the space, which outweighed the positive aspects of the application.

Some of these concerns may have been alleviated by further discussion with yourself and other partners, but as you will appreciate, we were unable to enter into negotiations and discussions with applicants because of the high number of applications .

There will be a second round of the Pocket Parks programme opening in mid-May. We are expecting an even larger number of applications. Furthermore, two projects in Haringey were successful in the first round. We will be favouring projects in those Boroughs which had no successful applications in round one or did not submit applications in round one.

I hope the work you have done to date will help secure other sources of funding to deliver this project.

Peter Massini
Urban Greening Team Leader
Development & Environment
Greater London Authority

We are grateful for the help and support given by members of PMRA, Cllrs Alan Strickland and Nilgun Canver  and the council's Cheif Executive. Regretably, Haringey Frontline officers failed to provide either support or assistance, a failure that was surely noted by the evaluation panel!  However, we have learned much from the bid, knowledge that we hope to use in other ways around our area. Meanwhile, the Wood Green Major Scheme will see not one penny spent on Alexandra Road (other than by the perenial urinators).


At our General Meeting in November, there was agreement that the association should make an application to the Mayor for funding to create a pocket park at the High Road end of Alexandra Road and  Martins Walk alleyway. After a lot of hard work by an inspired group of neighbours, an application has been made. The scheme is our response to the council's Major Scheme proposals, which seem to offer nothing for our area, except perhaps more problems. A decision will be made by the Mayor on which projects to fund at the end of February - so very soon.

This is a really important opportunity for our area and our neighbours  - residents of the Sky City and the wider community. The first community garden was made with the help of over 40 residents in 2010 and, today looks brilliant. We then moved up to the Mayes Road end of Hornsey Park Road, and while we still have lots to do, the area between the zebra crossing and Martins Walk alleyway is already looking much improved.
We need lots of support for the pocket park. Please come along to the next General Meeting at the end of January and help develop the plans. We will need a group to help steer its planning and create the widest possible support. It will only succeed if we make it something we all value and want to use and look after. We want it to be a place for young and old, a place of activity and vitality and most of all, a place we can be proud of. Please join us in making this possible by:
  • Coming to meetings
  • Telling us what you think would work well (and what won't) at the meetinngs or via the web site
  • Pledging your support, particularly when we start to do the work
  • Offering any skills you have
Details of the next meeting will be posted shortly on the web site and all houses will receive a leaflet. Meetings are always held at the hall behind Grace Baptist Church in Park Ridings (the Shopping City end).



3 comments on “A Mayor's Pocket Park for Alexandra Road and Martins Walk”

  1. This is an area (Alexandra Road) which would definitely benefit with the proposed changes. At the moment it appears run down and with the new developments coming along the High Road it would be nice to develop the area adjacent to the High Road too. If we could have somewhere pleasant to sit and relax too, particularly for the elderly, even better!

  2. An excellent proposal, and one that I trust will drastically improve the area and the community of residents in what has been a neglected and to some extent, deprived locale.

  3. That is an outstanding and professional application which must have entailed many, many hours of unpaid time and effort. Congratulations and many, many thanks to all involved. We fully support this application.

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