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Who are we?
The Parkside Malvern Residents Association (PMRA) was formed in 1999 and is the Registered Residents Association representing the residents of Hornsey Park Road, Alexandra Road, Malvern Road, Park Ridings, Ravenstone Road and The Avenue, N8.  We are a community association and a force for change, where change is needed. We are running a number of campaigns, details of which will be posted on the web site from time to time.
AGM September 2011 - residents discussing the Heartlands development

AGM September 2011 - residents discussing the Heartlands development

The Association exists under a formal constitution, with a committee elected at its AGM. The committee in turn elects a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Since August 2011, the committee comprises  4 members from Hornsey Park Road, 3 from Park Ridings, 3 from Alexandra Road and 1 member from each of Malvern Road, Ravenstone Road and The Avenue, broadly reflecting the number of residents across our area (see below). Since 2013, the committee has elected Co-chairs instead of Chair and Vice Chair, to reflect the diverse responsibilities of chairing the association. Our constitution affords all residents of our area automatic membership.

We try to work closely with our councillors and neighbouring residents associations and are supported by the Grace Baptist Church, through their generous offer for us to use their church hall for meetings. We also work closely with others in our community, including The Mall, local businesses and Heartlands School. We have been less successful in engaging with the local housing associations. 



The Association is the 'care taker' of the Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch, the co-ordinator for which is Ryan King, PMRA Committee member. Business and issues can be brought to our General Meetings. 
Alexandra Road now has its own Neighbourhood Watch under the stewardship of Alison Farr (see below) to focus on the challenges it has faced over the past 12 months. We are pleased to note that with support from neighbourood police and the council (councilors and officers), the street has largely returned to normal.


Our General Meetings and AGM in 2020 have remain suspended to comply with guidance to control the Covid-19 epidemic. Next year, we hope to return to normal with meetings in February, April, June, October in the hall at the rear of Grace Baptist Church, Park Ridings, N8 and November, at our regular outdoors Winter Drinks and Cake gathering.  Our meetings are free to attend and all are welcome. Light refreshments are normally provided. For many years, we've held a social evening in December with our friends from the neighbouring residents association, the Noel Park North Area Residents Association and Sky City but won't be able to in 2020. We meet monthly for Community Gardening on the first Saturday of the month and have an outdoor drop in social event at other times in one of the areas of Community Gardening. The committee meets prior to General Meetings and the AGM and committee members attend other meetings as and when required. Since 2014, PMRA has hosted the Residents and Businesses Liaison Group (RBLG) meetings established by National Grid under the planning permission for the development of the Heartlands site and now led by their development partner, St. William (part of the Berkeley Homes Group. The RBLG provides the association with the opportunity to engage with other organisations and businesses in our area to discuss areas of common interest as well as respond to development proposals or planning matters.




All residents of unaffiliated roads in Hornsey Park are welcome at our meetings and to bring issues to them, provided they first contact a member of the committee or contact the Association via the web site. Should another road in Hornsey Park wish to join us, the Association would consider the matter at its next AGM, provided their is clear evidence of commitment to support the work and values of the Association and abide by its constitution.

Ryan King - Park Ridings - Co-chair & Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator
Marcus Ballard - Malvern Road - Co-chair
Polly de Boer - Hornsey Park Road - Secretary
Dorothy Rose - Park Ridings - Treasurer
Ben Paine - Hornsey Park Road
Clement - Web-site Designer/Co-ordinator
Debbie Shedden - Ravenstone Road
John Murray - Ravenstone Road
John Bourke - The Avenue
Don Dee - Alexandra Road
Mary McHugh - Alexandra Road
Co-opted - John Miles, Heartlands and RBLG
Co-opted - Alison Farr, Alexandra Road Group and Alexandra Road Neighbourhood Watch
Next Elections at AGM - in view of current restrictions, the 2020 AGM and elections are suspended: the Committee of 2019/20 will remain in post for a further 12 months but will ensure that the work of the association continues and communicated through the media available to it including the association's Twitter account, email, its notice boards and the dedicated Whatsapp groups. A report on the past year, which has been surprisingly busy will be published shortly.

Reports of the chair to the annual general meeting:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Committee, please look out for details of the forthcoming AGM and be sure to come along. In the mean time, you are very welcome to express an interest to members of the current committee at any of the regular General Meetings or contact the Association via the web site.

© Parkside Malvern Residents Association 

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