Action taken on illegal tipping

Follow concerns raised by many residents,  we have been working with Haringey Council for some months to get the dangerous and unsightly tipped waste out of the drive leading to the garages of 1, The Avenue. This actually fronts on to Hornsey Park Road.

On 26th September we met Gary Cooke from the Council's Environmental Services dept. and walked our area with him. He recognised that this was an ongoing and substantial problem and promised to serve notice on the landlord to clear it within 28 days.  Unfortunately this did not happen immediately and the initial notice only expired on 4th December. The landlord now has a further 14 days in which to clear the site. This expires on 18th December. There is then a further 7 day period, inconveniently ending on Christmas Day, before the Council can seek permission to clear the site and
charge the landlord for doing so.

So we are now looking for the space to be clean at some point in January.


We know that permission has already been sought and denied for change of use for this site.  We must act quickly so that the landlord or another cannot claim change of use by constant practice. This is a health hazard and demeans our whole area.

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