After the Frost has gone... here comes Pothole Hell!

potholesJust when you thought the lack of grit for icy streets was no longer an issue, potholes are the next threat to road and pavements.

David Winskill, LibDem ward councillor, counted 12 potholes in a stretch of Tottenham Lane just 100 yards long, and some were several inches deep. Potholes do not just cause damage to cars, they also endanger pedestrians, and are especially treacherous for cyclists.

Haringey encourages you to report potholes, but they admit that they are overwhelmed after the recent frosty weather ripped into the local roads. So prepare to be patient: the dedicated pothole web page states that repairs will now be promised within 14 days instead of the usual 7 days.

To report potholes contact Haringey Council:

Hotline: 020 8489 3993

Transport for London are responsible for repairing the trunk routes in London (the major A roads)

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