AGM 2018: Meeting Minutes

See also: Chair's Report 2018

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REPORT OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on 7 November 2018 at Grace Baptist Church Hall. Park Ridings N8.

Present: 18 residents attended.

The chairs' annual report was verbally presented and residents contributed to a wide ranging and informal discussion of the issues.
The full report of our activities over the last year is now permanently available online on our website, and temporarily on the noticeboard.

In the discussion residents raised concerns about:

  1. Air pollution in our streets. It appears that Haringey are not making readings of air pollution in our area. Similarly records are not kept of traffic accidents. It was noted that London University has a scheme for assisting communities to make their own readings. This would involve a regular commitment by several residents.
  2. Safety and Street Crime. Our representative has found it difficult to hold meetings with the police because of the recent change of police area boundaries and their priority of addressing the rise of organised drug dealing and gang related killings.
  3. People regretted that we will not be holding a Christmas Quiz this year. This is because we no longer have the support on Noel Park North whose residents association has ceased to function, and the cost of renting a local hall meaning that last year the event failed to raise any money. We hope to find a formula for future events that will prove popular and practical. All suggestions are welcome.

Future Plans

Play Street
Haringey supports residents in closing their streets to traffic for a few hours in order to encourage people to come out into the streets to meet their neighbours and for children to have a safe place to play. The Avenue has twice run successful Play Streets for three hours on a Sunday.
We plan to give it a try one day in the spring 2019 in the combination of Malvern Road and Park Ridings. We will need volunteer stewards to be present at each end of the streets to ensure traffic is turned away.

We will try to engage more people through a short questionnaire asking what residents would like to be involved in. This will be a subject for conversation at our Winter Drinks on Saturday morning,1 December, at the corner on Hornsey Park Road and Mayes Road.

There were no new candidates for the committee.
All members of the current committee were re-elected.

The treasurers report was presented and accepted.
£17 was collected of which £10 was donated towards the cost of the hall.

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