Another family house to be converted to flats - should we be concerned?

The Association has received notice of a planning application to convert 89 Alexandra Road, N8 from a single family house to two flats. On its own, it represents a modest change but as part of a trend that is seeing areas close to the High Road being dominated by (often low quality) flats, perhaps we should be concerned. You can comment on this issue here or specifically on the application by going to and typing in the planning reference HGY/2011/1832

With the Heartlands development having around 1000 dwellings but only around 18 houses, perhaps it is time to protect smaller family houses from division into flats.

4 comments on “Another family house to be converted to flats - should we be concerned?”

  1. It is good to see that the council considered the use of 65 Park Ridings (the end house) for 10 bedsits (converted illegally) and the building of a chalet in the back garden (for habitation?) as over development last month and refused planning permission (see HYG/2011/1928 on the council's planning on line web site). Approval would have set a dangerous precedent.

  2. It is quite wierd that proprty has been dingled out considering Number 75 Alexandra road has newly been converted into studio flats WITHOUT any planning permissin. T& alexandra road will home to ( individual people without neccessarry building control or planning concent. This is the kind of overdevelopment and abuse of property which brings down neighbourhoods with multiple occupancy and transient accomodation. There are a number of prpoerties like this in Alexandra Road. There has also been a rise in car crime in the local area and begging by individuals who are desperate for a "fix". I can say this as i have observed this type of behaviour and been subject to begging in Alexandra Road from residents of 7,9,11 Alexandra road who accomodate 7 flats each and are let to people recently out of jail and drug addicts.Homes that are illegally split into individual bedsits, of which there are many, is the problem with Alexandra Road and the surrounding area.

  3. With the proposition of 1000 dwellings of mass development of tiny flats in such a small area and with the pressure this massive redevelopment will inflict on the local infrastructure regarding massive increases in traffic and congestion, noise, parking. Why is this singular extension such an issue? The real problem is the huge development companies building getting away with a huge development of 1000, yes 1000 flats in a tiny area. Really an extension is hot news. Get a grip on the real issues of Hornsey not just some ones extension. Parkside and Malvern Residents association either you have alternative personal reasons to this private extension and are using the association to gain some rejection to the proposal or you are woefully out of touch of the real issues of a massive development looming on the doorstep of Malvern road and Parkside road. I think you need to get your priorities in order or hand over to someone who is competent and serious about the real issues of a massive development on our doorsteps which will hugely increase the relative quietness of the area and possibly create a dense isolated population akin to BroadWater farm. Get a grip and wake up to the real issues. The erection of a small single storey extension is the least of the areas worries and I am surprised that it even measures an interest over the massive proposed development and huge upheaval of the development of 1000 flats plus housing development on our doorstep. Such interest over a single storey extension,compared to the inconceivable change of 1000 apartments by a huge development company in conjunction of Haringey councils really a bit of a joke.

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