Local Banksy going going going going gone for £750 000.

"Bring back our Banksy!"


A Banksy mural which was removed from the wall of a north London shop, causing outrage among residents, reportedly sold last night for more than £750,000.

Slave Labour, the Bristol-born urban artist’s swipe at the Queen’s golden jubilee, was a huge draw for art collectors at the auction in the basement of the London Film Museum in Covent Garden.

From Metro. Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2013/06/03/banksys-slave-labour-sells-for-more-than-750000-at-private-london-auction-3826422/#ixzz3bvEnwKwW



The 'Poundland' Banksy, which had been removed from a wall just of the Wood Green High Road, has been withdrawn from sale!


A large number of locals staged a protest at Whymark Avenue to draw attention to the disappearance of the artwork which was by many seen as a "gift to the area". After days of press coverage the meeting was seen as a last ditch attempt to prevent the Banksy from being sold at a Miami auction house on the same evening.

Few people would have expected to sway the auctioneers who until the very day insisted that the Banksy was legitimately in their possession and that the sale would go ahead.

Alan Strickland (red placard) lead the protest at Whymark Avenue

Well, however they changed their mind in the last minute. Perhaps to some degree down to the enthusiasm shown by the Haringey folk for 'their' Banksy? Whatever it was, the Banksy is obviously not home yet.


The seller may just wait for the whole thing to blow over. But a small moral victory has been achieved, and art history and local history has been made.

Latest-latest: Poundland building becomes Mecca for graffiti artists

Mecca for graffiti: Missing Banksy sparks art explosion

Now that the missing Banksy has created international interest, the previous blank spot has attracted even more artists who are using the furore to snatch a glimpse of the limelight. It looks as though Paul Don Smith (Interview here) has been and added his 'banker tap man' into the fray. Some obscenities have also appeared and somebody contributed some hand prints.


Where will it end? All the ingredients to make Wood Green the next Hoxton?

How it all started

If you are local you will have heard of the 'Poundland Banksy', a mural by a famous graffiti artist, which appeared just before the olympic torch was carried down Wood Green High Road, and caused a big stir in the neighbourhood.

The theme of the piece, titled 'slave labour' and showing a young boy hunched over a sewing machine was a poignant reminder of the cheap labour we all take for granted in our insatiable appetite for gadgets and fashion items.

But it also raised a bit of local pride in an area that has taken a knock with the decline in the high street and the overall economic situation.

Now you see it... 'Poundland Banksy' just after it was created. (Pic: Ninky@harringayonline.com)

So it was not a surprise when the removal of the work caused a big uproar in the local Twitter scene. Overnight a 4ft x 5ft slab of concrete had been removed from the Poundland building and shipped to a Miami auction house to be put on the market for an estimated £500.000.


Alan Strickland, who had been involved in the original protection of the piece was the first to raise the alarm publicly and soon Haringey Council and the local MP, Lynne Featherstone, were falling over themselves to express their dismay and promise action.

The owner of the building, Wood Green Investments and its two company directors, Robert Davies and Les Gilbert, have so far not commented whether it was legally removed or stolen. In either case the residents of the surrounding areas and in the entire borough will want to express their disappointment in this blatant art grab.

The missing Banksy: State of the art?

To send a message to everyone who may be involved in the removal and proposed selling of the piece, we are meeting up at Poundland tomorrow, Saturday, 23rd, February - 1pm. Please come along even for just a short while and join us. Community is more important than ever and this is a great opportunity to meet your neighbours and show your allegiance to your local area.


Below is the email from Alan Strickland that we received:

Hi all,

As you will have seen in the press, the Banksy mural on Whymark Avenue was taken on Saturday - there is still a big mystery about whether it was sold or stolen.

I've been working with the council to lead a campaign on behalf of residents to try to find out what has happened to the piece and argue that it shouldn't have been taken from our community



Why? Perhaps the money?

The Banksy is due to be auctioned in Miami on Saturday, so I'm hoping to organise for some residents to come down to the Banksy site for half an hour or so and give out leaflets to passing people encouraging them to email the auction house and ask them not to sell our community's art. This is a last ditch attempt to persuade them not to sell it.

It would be really good if you could come down and help - meeting at 1pm Saturday 23 Feb at the corner of Poundland and the High Road where the mural was. I'm expecting the local papers to be there to take pictures and a TV news crew have said they might come as well and will want to interview some residents - so a chance to give your views on the missing Banksy if you want to.

As the media are going to be there, it would be good to have a good turnout of residents. Please do come, even if just for a little while and feel free to bring friends and family. Please also pass this to other residents and circulate to your email list.

I know that this is short notice, but should be a fun opportunity to show off the community spirit in our area to the media!

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