Bin Sins and Wast Mis-management

"bins are contaminated and will not be collected"

"bins are contaminated and will not be collected"

A day after a full waste collection, residents were greeted with this horrific scene. With a prompt from the residents association, investigation by the council yielded the following explanation: "all the bins have been contaminated and have not been reported to Veolia by the crew to be collected. I have sent a request for all the bins to be emptied and the two green bins to be removed as they don't belong to Veolia and therefore will not get emptied. I have spoken to one resident at the property who has informed me that there are a total of 5 flats at this property, so I will be making a few changes in regards to their waste bins."

We might ask why letting agents and landlords let their properties get into this state but there is no excuse for Viola and the waste management of the council not to pick up such problems before they get this bad.

If you live next door or close to a similar problem, please report it to and copy your email to

We can all make a difference by reporting bad landlords, sloppy waste collection services and the dirty behaviour that spoils the area.

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