Changes – for better and worse

There’s a lot of activity in Hornsey Park at the moment. Some of it is welcome and some of it isn’t. 

Friday night saw the first meeting of the Safer Neighbourhoods Noel Park Ward Panel. Five police officers and two business representatives. Chaired by the forthright and good-humoured Gerard McGrath and with more than a dozen local residents from Lordship Lane, Noel Park North, Whymark Avenue, PMRA and Sky City in attendance - sadly, we’re getting used to there being no-one from Haringey Council on such occasions. 

A protective fence for the new flower beds on Martins Walk

Police and residents alike are appalled at the rise in blatant drug-dealing and, of course, by the threat to young people from violence. An expanded police team is encouraging. As at PMRA’s own meeting with PC Steve Humphreys in February there was much discussion of the best way to improve reporting – so many people explain how difficult it is to get through whether on social media or by dialing 101. Constructive discussion must continue. Wood Green collective forums are in their early stages but we must make the most of recent progress. A proposed new youth service deserves serious attention.

Improving the look of the area is one of PMRA’s priorities. We were out on Saturday, putting the finishing touches to Haringey’s investment in Martins Walk.

Lastly, there’s a meeting coming up this Tuesday, April 9th. 7pm at the Grace Baptist Church Hall 48-50 Park Ridings, N8 0LD. Developers St William have taken over the ground beside the lime-trees on Hornsey Park Road to set up their sales centre. On Tuesday they will be talking about the building due to start in the summer behind the middle stretch of Hornsey Park Road. And presenting their designs for the blocks that will face the northern end of the street, backing directly on to the gardens of numbers 123 to 151. A new public footpath is proposed – with PMRA’s support. 

We’ve been able to use a part of the Community Streets budget to invest in new shade-tolerant planting at the Alexandra Road end. And, following an award of money from central government we’re talking to Haringey, the Mall and others about our proposals to make the open space at the junction of Mayes Road and Hornsey Park Road into more of a pocket park. More at out next general meeting.

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  1. Hi, this is the first time I’ve visited the pmra website....I hadn’t realised how much you’ve all done. Firstly, thankyou and secondly, please add my address to your mailing list.

    Kind regards,


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