Community Dig: The neighbourhood comes out and gets stuck in

Slightly overcast but no rain, no sun either, perfect weather to swing a shovel. About 35 neighbours from the ages of 2 to 80 came out to get our new Community Garden dug up and ready for planting.


Paul from Yogamatters, one of the businesses on Clarendon Rd had kindly provided tea and biscuits, and, crucially, some chairs to rest on.

Shovels, spades and forks were brought from sheds, some probably hadn't seen much gardening for a while. But they were soon put to good use.

IMGP0604In fact, the area that is to be the future pride of the neighbourhood was soon filled with busy labourers toiling the earth and carefully loosening the topsoil from the grass.

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      Photo: The gardening team – John. Ben, Polly and John – out on a Saturday morning

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