Community Garden recognised as a 'World on Your Doorstep'

Thanks to a generous grant from Homes for Haringey, on behalf of its tenants in Hornsey Park, the Association will be able to give the garden a name and welcome all who find their way to it. The garden is well loved and was recognised by the Mayor’s Well London Awards, for its contribution to community cohesion and wellbeing, despite its unpromising location. The name plaque will include a quote from Ulysses in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, a message that reflects the friendship and spirit across our community that led to the garden’s creation and its continued popularity.

The plaque, being made locally by Hornsey Architectural Mouldings, will be ready to install at the end of the month.

One comment on “Community Garden recognised as a 'World on Your Doorstep'”

  1. I was absolutely delighted to see the new plaque last week, I was with a client, so I explained the story on our way to see a flat. They loved the story and also loved the flat, so I may be introducing you all to a new Parkside Malvern resident soon! Well done again to everyone who was involved in the project. It makes me grin every time I pass it.

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