Coronation Sidings - Monster Train Centre comes a step closer

A planning application has now been submitted for land known as Coronation Sidings, next to the New River and between New River Village and Haringey Heartlands. This is a second attempt by Network Rail at securing permission to develop the land as part of Thameslink 2000 and follows a joint letter of objection from PMRA and residents associations for New River Village, Mildura Court and Burghley Roads and subsequent meeting with Network Rail, their consultants, Department of Transport and Hornsey Ward councillor Monica Whyte.

Our concerns include poor quality design quality, visual intrusion, overshadowing, noise and light pollution, as well as additional traffic and an intensity of use that will be a blight on the communities of New River Village and the promised Haringey Heartlands.

The combined residents associations believe we cannot afford to leave Haringey Council to negotiate a good planning permission - Network Rail chose Coronation Sidings precisely because the Council seemed like a soft option. Our recent meeting proved they are in no mood to compromise, believing their multi-billion pound scheme gives them the right to put their needs above those of local communities and the principles of good planning . We believe that a good scheme can be negotiated if the Council sticks to its principles and vision for our area and stands up for local communities.

We will post details of how you can comment on the application and call for the best possible solution to be negotiated. This includes:

· Design excellence

· Screening and wide landscaping belts

· Avoiding over shadowing

· Sound and light attenuation

· Highways and street facing environmental improvements

· Protection of important natural habitats

· Access improvements to Hornsey Station

Comment here or write to our councillors or the leader of the Council – and help make a difference. If you would like to help in any way, please let us know. Email



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