Council Ignores Pleas for Buses to Stop Using Hornsey Park Road

In an e-mail replying to pleas from the Association, Haringey Council Leader, Claire Kober has refused to support calls for buses to use the new spine road, which was specifically designed for buses. While the spine road stands almost empty, buses cause noise, vibration and congestion in busy Hornsey Park Road. Despite calling for buses to use the new road since it opened, incredably Transport for London say they have never been requested by Haringey to consider this! It now comes to light that the new road has been incorrectly designed for buses (and presumably other long and heavy vehicles) - a defect that will not surprise residents.

The urgent need to remove buses from Hornsey Park Road will be high on the list of complaints to our councillors at the General Meeting on the 17th February. Residents should use the opportunity to demand change.

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