Cross safely to play? Join our new campaign.

In the coming months our area is going to change. St William will open a new publicly-accessible park behind the lime-trees on Hornsey Park Road. There will be a playground and new green space – although, sadly, the Moselle Brook will stay in its culvert for now. 

The park will lead through to Western Road and the Penstock Tunnel. It will form part of a new east-west route for pedestrians and cyclists linking Turnpike Lane and the High Road with Alexandra Park.

A down-side to bringing up children in Hornsey Park has been the lack of play-space. So the new facility is an exciting development. But most residents in our neighbourhood live on the wrong side of Hornsey Park Road – the dangerous, over-used and polluting B138. What better reason to install a new crossing by the lime-trees?

But the current plans don’t envisage that. So we need to act quickly to get Haringey and St William to look again. PMRA is preparing a petition to full council in November about Hornsey Park Road. And following a successful walkabout on September 12th our MP Catherine West has declared her support for our proposals and will host an online meeting with the main parties in advance of the council meeting.

But right now we need a proper hearing for our proposals for a new crossing and better traffic-calming measures.

Please write to our Noel Park ward councillors, Khaled Moyeed, Peray Ahmet and Emine Ibrahim to get them back our plans. Tell them why safe access to the new park will be important to you and your family.

JM: 3/10/2020

One comment on “Cross safely to play? Join our new campaign.”

  1. We would like children safe pedestrian crossing at the Hornsey Park Road N8 leading to a new park and play area which are so crutial to the wellbeing of families with children living in this area. The traffic on this road is very heavy with too many lorries using it and the road has got many bends which make it very dangerous for pedestrians crossing it.

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