Developing the Hornsey 'pocket park' - new faces at the RBLG

Proposed location for pocket park on Hornsey Park Rd

Proposed location for pocket park on Hornsey Park Rd

The Heartlands Resident and Business Liaison Group (RBLG) was set up two years ago as a condition of planning permission for the dismantling of the gasholders and redevelopment the Heartlands site to provide over 1000 new homes together with space for retail, businesses and community uses and, we hope high quality open space.


The RBLG has made possible some very focused and detailed discussion of noise and traffic management concerns and a range of boundary and environmental issues. It has also built up a reservoir of goodwill and understanding. Local benefits have included a site visit, the promise of a permanent memorial to the site's industrial heritage, and a plan to clear the serious fly-tip which blights the earth-bund at the back of the 123 - 151 Hornsey Park Road gardens. Proposals to improve road safety at the junction of Hornsey Park and Clarendon Roads have been given a boost. And questions have at least been asked about the infestations of Japanese Knotweed which affect local gardens.

But now things are about to go up a gear. First, the noisier work will begin on the site itself. The craters beneath the gasholders are to be filled requiring increased vehicle movements. And work will start to take down the gasholders in June, following successful tests of quieter cutting equipment on the shells at their base. We'll be helping to monitor all that. Second, the developers, St William, who now own the whole site, have joined the RBLG, in preparation for the submission of detailed proposals for the site and planning the redevelopment work. St William has shown a keen interest in thinking about the new development in relation to already existing neighbourhood and the lives of those who live here. At the heart of this collaboration will be the new 'pocket park' behind the lime-trees, about whose design and future management, and with the agreement of Haringey Council, St William now intend to consult local residents, groups and businesses.

The Heartlands Resident and Business Liaison Group (RBLG)

The Heartlands Resident and Business Liaison Group (RBLG)

PMRA members
and representatives of local businesses have met once a month with National Grid, Atkins (the engineers), and Colemans who are managing the site and the work, and Deloitte. Local Dialogue coordinate the metings which are also attended by Councillors Ahmet and Mann.


Local residents will receive separate written notifications of these two changes of pace. Events and opportunities to get involved, some of them organised by PMRA, will be taking place in the coming weeks. Come and find out what's going on!

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