Did you miss the Election Meeting 21st April 2010?

Don't worry - many did so we will use the web site to publish answers to the questions raised at the meeting.

We are grateful to Viv Ross and Balan Sisupalan, for the Liberal Democrats, Cllr Alan Dobbie, Chris Donnelly and Gulcan Gul for the Conservatives and Pauline Gibson, James Stewart and Alan Strickland, for Labour, for sparing their time and creating a lively debate.

What was clear from the meeting was that our area needs first rate councillors to represent us, ones who are willing to work together within the ward and across the council to bring about much needed change and improvement.

Questions  asked were as follows:

 1. Proposed closure of A&E at Wittington Hospital – what is your position on this, how will you fight it (if at all), how will these services be protected for our area

 2. How will you help ensure that traffic uses the spine road and the promised relief is brought to Hornsey Park Road, including stopping buses using Hornsey Park Road

 3. How can Hornsey Park Road be made less polluted, less congested and a road with trees, pavement build-outs and entry features

 4. How will you ensure that the Heartlands development is a success and not just an overdeveloped council /sink estate

 5. How can the decline of Alexandra Road and the like be reversed – excess of HMOs, cheap rented accommodation/ very poor environment and poor planning enforcement

 6. How will you ensure that Wood Green High Road is improved and be equally attractive to the west of the borough, including;

  • Better cycling facilities
  • Better policing, particularly in the evenings
  • Less crowded bus stops/choked pavements around bus stops
  • Pavements in poor condition and street clutter

 7. Will you fight for a  wider pavement below Hornsey railway bridge, as supported by four adjacent resident associations and a local school, residents, parents and TfL

 9. Will you fight for equal funding for child places in schools, when compared with neighbouring Islington and Camden

 10. How would you improve transport links with Hornsey Central Polyclinic/health centre

 11.  How important are residents associations to you and how will you develop better partnership with the councillors, council officers, police and RAs?

 12.  Do you support free train/tube passes for school children 16-18 year olds, since bus travel is not always the best means to make a journey

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