Drug related activity: Can you help?

In my capacity as Coordinator of the Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch, I have been asked by the Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police in Haringey through the Community Neighbourhood Watch Link Manager to provide them with information from the community regarding any drug related activity. A portion of their emailed request reads:

There is a strong link between drugs and crime, with users often committing crimes such as robbery, theft, burglary, fraud and shoplifting to get money to buy drugs.  Drugs and crime are also linked a number of other ways, including:

• Supply and dealing in drugs.
• Violent offences while under the influence of drugs.
• Drug related driving offences and accidents.
• Violence between drug dealers and rival gangs and users who owe them money.

Cannabis factories are often found in unassuming houses and flats.  Quite often electrical meters and fuse boxes are bypassed so that they can get huge amounts of power for lamps and heaters. The temperature within the house can reach 40 degrees centigrade and rooms may contain chemicals such as fertilisers and pesticides.

Cannabis factories pose a potentially lethal fire risk to the building and neighbouring properties, particularly because they are unoccupied with no means to alert the fire service if a fire occurred.

I would appreciate it if you could please promptly notify me at ryanburton.king@googlemail.com of any information whatsoever that might be valuable or of some assistance in aiding local efforts to crack down on drugs and drug related offences.

Please use the following questions as a guide for your response. Don’t worry if you cannot provide me with all of the details – anything you have may be all that is needed.

            (e.g.  junction of green street and orange grove or top
flat 36 banana avenue)

            (e.g. approx 3pm on Tuesday 4th September)

Type of activity:
            (e.g. believed drug dealing at location or drug address)

Frequency of activity:
            (e.g. every Tuesday between 2pm and 3pm)

Descriptions/names of persons believed involved:
            (e.g.  White Male approx 25years, about 6ft tall, blonde
shoulder length hair, slim build, scar down left side of his face,
wearing dark hooded jacket and blue jeans)

Description of any vehicles involved and if possible vehicle
registration numbers:
      (e.g.  White BMW with blacked out windows with vehicle
registration number W123 AB2)

Any other information:
      (e.g.  two males witnessed exchanging money for a package at the
location or property always has blinds closed and a strange smell
coming from location).

Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Ryan King is a committee member of the Parkside Malvern Residents Association and is the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for the Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch. He is a fourth year student at Highland Theological College of the University of the Highlands and Islands and serves as the assistant pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Wood Green) at 50 Park Ridings.

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