Saving the Moselle Brook – the greatest heritage asset we didn't know we had

19 Jun 2017 - 18:00

Big Green Bookshop
Brompton Park Road
Wood Green,

You can still glimpse it and hear it, if you know where to go.

Still holding its course from when the area was an expanse of watery meadows, you will soon be able to walk above it.

By 2019, it will be clean and clear yet still out of sight in the dark and without the sparkle that every river has within.

We know its history – there may even be a few amongst us who have spoken with those who remember seeing it as a flowing river – it was not lost that long ago.

It’s not a dream that it could be restored to raise our spirits and return a little of the area’s pre-urban nature.

Speakers will tell us about the origins and history of the Moselle as well as giving us a perspective on the true value of rivers, river management, restoration and riparian ecology, dealing with misconnections and the importance of community.

With thanks to Tim and Simon for supporting this event.