Local Election Hustings

18 Apr 2018 - 20:00

Church hall at rear of Grace Baptist Church
Shopping City end of Park Ridings, N8

We will be inviting the candidates for our Ward from the main parties. All from our area are welcome. Please be aware this is a meeting for residents and that we do not want an audience of party workers drafted in for the occasion. PMRA has a code of conduct which describes the standard of behaviour expected from residents and visitors when participating in our meetings and activities.

The Chair of the meeting is responsible for enforcing the code of conduct with the support of those present. All those who attend and participate our meetings and events have the right to be treated with dignity and respect: the code must be observed at all times.

Residents, visitors and guests must:
- Behave in an orderly manner
- Ask questions through the Chair
- Avoid talking over each other or interrupting others
- Listen to and respect others’ points of view
- Arrive in good time for the start
- Cooperate with the Chair in dealing with the business of the meeting and keeping to the agenda and to time
- Accept majority decisions
- Respect confidentiality
- Be open to comment and challenge#Use no abusive, aggressive, racist, homophobic or sexist language
- Challenge inappropriate behaviour
- Not attempt to ‘highjack’ a meeting for their own agenda