Meet the Heartlands development team and look into the future

17 Nov 2018 - 11:00

Lime Trees open space
between 105 & 123 Hornsey Park Road (close to the west end of Malvern Road)

Its another chance to meet the St. William development team, this time on a Saturday at the future entrance to the community park linking Hornsey Park with Heartlands (now to be known as Clarendon-N8).

There will be plans and images of what’s proposed and a chance to find out and ask questions about how so much development can be undertaken whilst protecting and respecting our neighbourhood and those closest to the works. Traffic, noise, air pollution and the impact of temporary works are particular concerns.

We hope to have one or more representatives from Haringey and to link in these changes with others planned for the area.

All welcome, from near and far. Light refreshments provided.