Film makers for acclaimed musical want to meet you


Dear all the members of the PMRA,

We had our 1st site meeting with our creatives at the Bexley Road option yesterday. In it is now very likely we will be filming London Road there.

I wanted to thank you all for your time, your support and enthusiasm regarding London Road. Park Ridings is a fantastic location and it is a shame we will not be able to feature the beloved Hornsey Gas Holders.

I shall be contacting all of the residents that allowed me to meet with them and photograph their homes.

I will also aim to letter drop Park Ridings later next week, to thank all of the residents and inform them of our decision.

Many thanks and kind regards


"London Road" Assistant Location Manager



Residents met Adriene, Cuba Picture's locations scout at the meeting to learn more about what it means to be a location in a film. Our area is one of two being looked at, the other being in Bexley. The film's locations manager will be appointed on the 10th February, following which a decision on where to film will be made. Thank you to Adriene for your time and for the 'cakes' - much appreciated.

More information about the play can be viewed at

Songs from the stage version of the musical can be heard at [you will need to press 'Playlist' in the top of the screen that opens]

If you live in Park Ridings or nearby and are interested in learning more about the production team's interest in our area, you can contact Adriene on 07946 758757


Film makers are out location scouting in Wood Green

Film makers are out location scouting in Wood Green

Film Location Managers scouting for locations for a feature film of the acclaimed National Theatre play “London Road” would like to introduce themselves and their interest in our area at our next General Meeting on 5th February, 2014. We understand The Mall has also been approached. They will tell us that Cuba Pictures and Director Rufus Norris are adapting the play for cinema and looking to film in London between mid March and April 2014 and that our area could just fit the bill.

We are used to people knocking on our doors offering services so residents should always be cautious when being approached by strangers, and the subject of the approach (we don’t want the area adversely portrayed in the way of James Turner Street, Birmingham (aka ‘Benefits Street’). Meeting neighbours and learning more about this production at an association meeting would seem a good next step. We are told the production is all about ‘community’ and how it resolves to deal with devastating events not of its making.

If the film makers want to come to our area, whether residents choose to be involved must then be an individual decision but we have to start somewhere. Find out more about the play at the National Theatre’s original home page for the production
or hear more from the location manager at the meeting. Wood Green has a long tradition in the cultural and media industries.


“London Road”

The musical is set in and around London Road in Ipswich, Suffolk, during the Ipswich serial murders and subsequent trial of killer Steve Wright in 2006-2008. The piece is written in verbatim style, meaning the spoken text is reproduced by the performers exactly as recorded in interviews, with the writer Alecky Blythe with the residents of London Road and some of the women who worked as prostitutes there, as well as members of the media who gathered in the area to report the news.

Neither the murdered women nor their killer are depicted, nor are the murders themselves; rather, the piece is concerned with the residents of London Road as they cope with the tragic events unfolding around them, the media attention drawn to their neighbourhood, and their attempts to rebuild and regenerate their community afterwards.

One comment on “Film makers for acclaimed musical want to meet you”

  1. This is a truly brilliant piece of musical theatre, which I saw at the National a year or so ago and it rightly won lot of awards. It is warm, touching, funny - full of real voices - the summary above does not really give the flavour of the piece. I am sure it will make a great film and no one should be the concerned about any kind of 'Benefits Street' issue as this play uses professional actors and singers.

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