Fire safety drop-in sessions for high-rise tower blocks

Make sure you know about fire safety, wherever you live

Make sure you know about fire safety, wherever you live.

Everyone will be concerned following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower on the 14 June 2017. While there are no longer any tower blocks in our area (Dylan Thomas House on Turnpike Lane was demolished nearly 20 years ago), many will have concerns about fire safety or have family or friends living in buildings that could be a concern. Everyone has the right to feel safe in their home.

To this end, Homes for Haringey has asked that we share the following letter and link to FAQs. They have also shared the following documents that address fire safety and arranged Fire Safety drop-in sessions for those living in high-rise tower blocks. It will take time to establish what caused the disaster at Grenfell Tower and such loss of life but the immediate priority must be to be informed, stay safe, give reassurance and make sure we all stay involved.

Photo credit: Nico Hogg/Flickr


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