Fortnightly general waste collections for some wards (including ours!)

On Monday (9th January 2012), representatives from Sustainable Haringey, Haringey Federation of Residents Associations and individual RAs in the affected wards met with the council and Veolia to discuss the shift to fortnightly waste collection, due to start in the west of the borough in March. The wards affected are in Highgate, Muswell Hill, Alexandra, Fortis Greenand parts of Bounds Green and Crouch End. The plan is to roll this out across the whole borough in due course.

A number of things were discussed, including:

* The aim is to increase recycling and save money

* Veolia have introduced fortnightly collections in three other London boroughs and recycling rates have increased

* New system only applies to properties with front gardens or yards

* “Residual waste” (what goes in the black wheelie bin) will be collected fortnightly (in the affected west Haringey wards) from the beginning of March 2012. Nappies and cat litter should be tied up in plastic bags and put in residual waste

* Recycling will continue to be collected weekly

* A second wheelie bin (with a green lid) will be provided for dry recyclables (glass bottles, tins, plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, etc) replacing green box

* Food and garden waste will be collected in same containers as at present. To encourage food recycling compostable bags for food waste willbe provided free for six months and bones can now be put in food waste

* Recycling and waste collection will be on the same day of the week

* Comprehensive street by street and property by property surveys beingdone to establish whether there is space for additional wheelie bin

Full information will be provided to all households in the affected areas over the next few weeks. Veolia contact details to be publicised 020 8885 7700

Veolia and the council will be giving presentations about the new collection system to the next Area Forum meetings covering Muswell Hill, Alexandra, Fortis Green & Highgate on Thursday 12th January 6.30pm at St Michael's CE Primary School, North Road, N6, Crouch End, Hornsey & Stroud Green, on Tuesday 17th January 6.45pm at Stroud Green Primary School, Woodstock Road, N4.

They are also willing to speak to residents groups,   020 8885 7700

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