General Meeting Minutes

The minutes for our General Meeting on the 17th of Feb 2010, include, amongst others, the following topics: Community Garden, Coronation Sidings, the Spring Clean, Hornsey Park Road, Heartlands update.


Wednesday 17 February 2010 at Grace Church, Park Ridings, N8


24 people attended including councillors Fiyaz Mughal (lib dem), Alan Dobbie (conservative) and prospective councillors Viv Ross and Paul Strang (lib dem), James Stewart (labour) and Chris Donnelly (conservative). The meeting was chaired by Marcus. Apologies had been received from three + Cllr Catherine Harris.


The council are committed to the landscaping and Capital Gardens has been appointed to provide and advise on the planting. Work is due to start in March 2010.


There was a general discussion about the basis of the opposition to the proposed development. The development will now need planning permission, at which time everyone can have their say.  It was agreed that the development would not be a good neighbour to our area, the New River Village or the future Heartlands Development, which all present wanted to be of good quality and an attractive place to live.


The council are not able to provide the support they have previously offered, e.g. in collecting large items.  However, all present agreed that we should arrange a day for communal action to clean up our streets.


This was the main issue discussed.  Campaigns since 2000 have focussed on ways of improving residents’ experience of the street.  Campaigns and petitions have resulted in the 20 mph restriction and the zebra crossing at Ravenstone Road.  However the meeting agreed that there had been poor planning, lack of investment and lack of enforcement.  The commitments from the council that the spine road (Mary Neuner Way) would reduce the traffic flow on Hornsey Park Road and take buses have not been kept.  The poorly placed signage and the lack of synchronisation of spine road traffic lights with the lights in Turnpike Lane have acted as a disincentive to using the new road.  The road is often congested, polluted, noisy difficult to cross. The zebra crossing are not safe and there is still only one tree along the road.

Residents envisage improvements to encourage more traffic to use the new road, build outs to pavements, repairs to pavements and tree planting to turn Hornsey Park Road back into a residential street.  However the leader of the council (Claire Kober) has responded to these requests by writing that she feels the council has done more than enough and no further work is planned.

Our current and prospective representatives were asked why there had been negative responses from the council and a general neglect over the years and what, if elected by us, they could do to support us.  Councillor Mughal said the three party split in Noel Park ward had meant that the three councillors had not taken a co-ordinated approach but that in future a coordinated approach was required.  He reported that the ruling labour group had made it hard for non labour councillors to have much influence.  The three prospective councillors all said that they are committed to putting constituents’ needs before party loyalty. It was agreed that Hornsey park Road should be a Noel Park and Wood Green priority and not a local streets issue.

It was agreed that Tony Mosley would respond to Ms Kober’s letter, setting out our views and inviting her to reconsider and be more considerate of the issues and past commitments.






HYPERLINK "" Check this out – it’s available for anyone to look at and comment on any of the items there.  Contributors are particularly welcome to add photos, notices or twitters – they will need to register an account with Clement. To do this, e-mail the Association via the web site.  The letter to Claire Kober will be posted. The hope was expressed that the web site would become a ‘meeting place’ for residents to share issues, concerns, points of interest and local events, to reflect the vibrancy of the area we live in. In future, all residents will be able to register for updates and notices to be sent to them automatically.

E-mail PMRA via the web site.


Councillor Mughal reported that the development is on hold, due to a number of funding issues. There ensued a discussion on concerns about the height and density of the proposed housing and need for open space.

Marcus reminded the meeting that the Association had responded formally to the planning g application and that this, together with all other responses is on the Haringey Council planning web site. The response will be put on the PMRA web site for information but he repeated that the Association had serious concerns about the development.

The new Heartlands High School opening will be phased with the first intake of pupils expected in September 2010. The School is running a number of community engagement meetings over the coming months, at which progress and matters of interest or concern can be discussed with the Headteacher and his team. Marcus reported that the update at the last meeting had been well received by those present.


The meeting agreed to purchase shrubs to improve Martins Walk.  Volunteers will be needed for digging.


£50,000 is available among the three wards.  It was suggested that we form a gardening club.

Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Dorothy gave their apologies for not being able to make the meeting this time. She asked if anyone would be interested in the vacancy of Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator – anyone interested should contact her or e-mail the Association. Mean time, the Association will remain the ‘caretaker’ for the Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch.


Marcus closed the meeting by thanking our councillors and the prospective councillors for attending and the Grace Baptist Church for allowing the Association to use the hall. While our meetings are free, a collected bucket for small contributions towards our costs was at the rear of the hall.


£23.40 was collected in the yellow bucket - thank you to all who contributed. £10 was given to the Church for the use of the hall:  £13.40 to Association funds.

Next Meeting

To be confirmed - See Notice Board and web site



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