General Meeting Sept 2019


22 residents attended

Clarendon Development

Concerns were raised by about the level and nature of the continuous noise from the building work and its impact on residents, particularly those closest to it. The granting of a music licence to the Goodness Brewery until 3am at weekends means that there is rarely a quiet time.
St William have offered residents the services of a 'party wall advocate' who has surveyed houses adjacent to current building to monitor the impact of vibration.
The council and PMRA have approved St Williams plan to provide a public footpath, called the Moselle Walk, along the back of the gardens between 123 and 151 Hornsey Park Road, ie between the lime trees and Iceland car park. This is envisaged as a landscaped route, gated at both ends and locked at night. We want to be more closely involved in the design of this to ensure our privacy and security, the attractiveness and maintenance of fencing, the appropriateness of landscaping and the conservation of wildlife. It was agreed to form a group of residents of the above houses to address these issues with St William. We understand St William will also be organising a 'workshop' for residents to show their more general plans for the development.

Mayes Road Linear Pocket Park

This is a PMRA project funded by central government. We obtained a grant to build on our efforts to improve the area at the back of the mall. The mall supports our efforts and has now installed lighting at the end of Martins Walk to illuminate our squirrel mural and to make the alley safer after dark. The new money will pay for the installation of a new mural on the house wall at the Mayes Road end.
Haringey has identified the corner of Mayes Road and Hornsey Park Road as needing improvement. They are exploring the possibility of removing the traffic island and narrowing the road. The reclaimed land can be planted to improve drainage, reduce parking and provide a more social space for sitting and meeting. The remainder of our grant will be used to provide added amenities such as seating and places for play. Unfortunately technical failures meant we were not able to project images of our plans but these were passed round on phones and laptop.
Concerns were raised about ensuring the road changes take account of the needs and safety of all users including cyclists, and that we work with the council in order to achieve a design that achieves a good balance.


Four events have taken place in Malvern Road and have gone well.
Sunday 22 September is world car free day. Our play street on that day will be more ambitious than usual and will extend from 10 until 2. Haringey have contributed £100 for the event.
Please attend with your friends, neighbours, children and grandchildren. Bring what you can eg a plate of food to share, spare garden produce, toys to exchange, games and ideas.

Drug Use in Alexandra Road

This has sharply escalated in recent months. Dealing and use of cocaine and heroin is now common and highly visible. Several residents have found users and dealers in their porches, gardens and in the alleys at the side of houses. A vicious cycle has arisen in which the police do not respond to reports, which leads to residents not reporting as they have no faith in any action being taken. Drug dealers have become more brazen and confident because they know they are not at risk of arrest. An incident was described last Sunday afternoon when a resident observed dealing in Turnpike Lane and pointed this out to the two police officers who were standing nearby. The officers showed no interest in the crime and did not act.

Frustration led to a very well attended meeting of residents at Shine last Wednesday.

A further meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 18 September at 6.30pm at Alexandra Hall, the church hall in Alexandra Road at the side of Arnold Bennett Way. It is hoped that the police will send a representative.

£11.88p was collected in the yellow bucket of which £10 was contributed for the use of the hall.

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