Haringey Rivers Forum: The fight for a sustainable Wood Green starts here

The Moselle where it enters the Heartlands

The Moselle where it enters the Heartlands

Today, February 2nd, is World Wetlands Day. Martha Rojas Urrego, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, introducing the theme that ‘wetlands are essential for a sustainable urban future’, argues that ‘a rapidly growing urban population comes with enormous challenges for city planners and managers. They have to ensure that cities today can deliver not only basic services -such as accommodation, transport and water - but that these cities are safe, resilient and environmentally friendly’.

Next week sees the setting up of the Haringey Rivers Forum which will champion all the watercourses in the borough. Central to the agenda is the creation of a wetland next door to PMRA on the Haringey Heartlands where PMRA has been pressing developers St William to deculvert a short stretch of the Moselle Brook.

This stream, which flows right through Haringey from Queen’s Woods to the River Lea is Wood Green’s hidden secret. Equally important is to get Haringey to end the scandal of misconnected sewage which threatens the beautiful wetland on the Moselle in Lordship Rec and goes on to pollute the Lea and the Thames.

The redevelopment of Wood Green proposed by the Council takes no account of the environmental pressures that will follow from the implementation of the Wood Green Area Action Plan - it’s proposed, for example, to build on the Hornsey Filter Beds (their biodiversity already degraded by being kept empty) with no attention whatsoever to enhancing the New River or the reservoirs.

The fight for a sustainable Wood Green starts here: it you want to get involved and support Haringey’s watercourses join us at 6pm on Wednesday, February 7th 2018, in the Big Green Bookshop, Brampton Park Road, N22 6BG.

Useful links:

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World Wetlands Day




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