Head on collision on Hornsey Park Road

Hornsey Park Road: More accidents waiting to happen?

Hornsey Park Road: More accidents waiting to happen?

6.30am on 12th March and yet another crash in Hornsey Park Road - this time a head on collision between two cars. A neighbour called the police. Two fire engines came to move the cars. The road was closed for a time and traffic forced to U turn and divert to the Mary Neuner Road. A shocked woman driver went away in an ambulance. Another neighbour had shouted at her to move her car to stop blocking the road and causing chaos. It looked like the southbound driver was going too fast and out of lane. Predictably, a double decker bus was caught up for the duration. We have asked the police what happened because theirs is the only record of this crash and the many like it.

There are more accidents in Hornsey Park Road than the council are aware of or will admit to: despite residents' pleas, they ignore accidents unless police report that there has been injury to a person. If there is no injury, no accident statistic is recorded. From such a lack of statistics, the council determine that the road has no problems and needs no investment. Mean time, residents are left to clear up the mess, offer help to those in distress, suffer damage to their cars and garden walls and worry that, next time, it could be far more serious. It's just a case of waiting for the next one!

Hornsey Park Road is has had the least amount of investment of all main routes through the borough, yet a new £5m road, paid for with public money, 100m to the west, lies all but empty - its traffic lights causing congestion and pollution. Worse, the council continues to divert more and more traffic onto Hornsey Park Road, with increasing traffic calming in the High Road, diversion of buses and regular closures of Alexandra Palace Way.

What can be done - it's easy: MOVE THE TRAFFIC TO MARY NEUNER ROAD! Traffic calm Hornsey Park Road. Be fair and share some of the investment across the borough on a road that should never have been turned into a by-pass 35 years ago.

In 2010, we protested, with the help of local politicians, to get traffic diverted and were promised action. What has happened since then?

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