Decision time for Heartlands

Time running out for objections: Heartlands

Time running out for objections: Heartlands

The Heartlands planning application will be heard on 22nd September 2011 so time is fast running out for objections to be made.

Following a General Meeting on 15th June 2011, we wrote to the council with our objections to the project. Residents reaffirmed their objections at our AGM on 7th September 2011. You can download our letter here: Objection letter_Heartlands_220811_issued
You can download the presentation from the June meeting, with comments here: PMRA GM presentation with notes_June2011
You can still make your opinion heard by writing to the
Head of Development Control, Planning and Regeneration,
Haringey Council,
639 High Road,
N17 8BD
This is a deeply unpopular scheme and could be so much better. It will harm homes, our area and Wood Green. Please make your views know to the council and our councillors by using the links above and copy your objections to our ward councillors - Cllr James Stewart - ; Cllr Alan Strickland  - and Cllr Pauline Gibson -

One comment on “Decision time for Heartlands”

  1. Decision time for Heartlands arrived on the evening of 22 September. And Heartlands has been granted Outline planning permission.
    In stark contrast to the meeting when Coronation Sidings, this meeting only had 10 people in the public gallery, not standing room only as it had been for the earlier meeting. Which is odd when we were told that Heartlands is the current biggest planning Application in the Borough.

    The meeting started with Councillor Whyte asking for the decision to be deferred as an enquiry was starting on Friday 23 September into the question of employment areas. If I understand the position correctly, her point was that the result of that six-week enquiry could affect the way employment areas are viewed locally, and may change the policy to a greater or lesser degree. She was rudely put down by the Legal representative as if she did not know what she is talking about. Councillor Whyte is a practising lawyer. And manners cost nothing. She was told that as the enquiry was into other sites it was of no relevance. This was characteristic of the meeting in which every effect was made to push the application through.
    The Planners took a long while making their presentation. During this they made several amendments without, as far as I know, giving any prior notice. These included admitting that the residential blocks would be higher than previously stated because of the lift housing, but they emphasised it would not be a complete storey. But are we being told the complete story? The Planners came across as evasive. Throughout the meeting there were instances of people being arrogant and/or patronising.

    The gas holders are to go because English Heritage will not list them. They ignored the fact that the holders had been listed locally until fairly recently. They do not want to keep them as it would be too costly – the tank underneath has to be emptied etc. The applicant denied it had anything to do with money.
    The Moselle brook will remain covered. This, it was said, because it was too deep, too polluted . When they were told it had been opened elsewhere, that the Environment Agency, in charge of rivers, wanted it opened, then they said there was no room. They did not say it would cost too much.
    They admitted that at least 2 houses in Hornsey Park Road would be moderately affected by shadowing, and 1 house slightly less, but said this was insufficient reason to stop the works. (No mention about just altering what was causing the overshadowing).
    They said that the site had to be intensively developed because of the requirements of the London Plan. They also said that the applicant was subject to approval by the Mayor.
    They admitted that the provision for open space was a lot less than it should be, but said that Alexandra Park was close by (is it really?), and that money from the Planning agreement would be spent on nearby open spaces.
    The current main employer on the trading estate will have to be relocated. They employ about 80 people. Their landlord will try and find them another location within the Borough, otherwise the jobs will be lost. The new site will create some jobs but apparently a lot of the employment opportunities will be outside the site. When pressed on this (like trying to nail down jelly), both the Planners and Applicant were, at best, very vague.
    It sounds as though the future residents of the new development will not have car parking permits – someone said that. But then, it is anticipated that most of them will have no cars. I wonder if that will be right. They intend to have 1,200 cycle spaces and it came out that is planned to be one for each resident. I, in my ignorance, had thought that with proposed maximum of 1080 residential units, it was likely to be about 2,000 residents. But no, it will be half that. And all will be travelling around on pedal bikes. We are going to be living in Amsterdam. They are trying to get two bus routes into the site. The vehicle access will be mainly on Mary Neuner Way. There will be pedestrian access from Hornsey Park Road.
    There will be money for a health centre. The Applicant will speak to the Primary Care Trust to see if they are interested. If not the money can be used elsewhere for health ; quite how was no revealed.
    The view from Ally Pally was discussed and now they are trying to say that the blocks may not be like a cliff-face, but may be broken up. When they were raised with their architect he was a lot more vague and said that they could do what they wanted, providing it was within the footprint of the Application.
    One Councillor thought that an Outline Planning application was very general and only dealt with things like access to the site. Quite worrying that such people are the decision-makers.
    Thanks to Marcus , Colin Marr and the others for putting up such a noble fight.

    At the end of the meeting Councillor Bob Hare tabled a resolution that the Application should be rejected for various reasons which he carefully specified. He gained the support of some other councillors, but lost the resolution.

    The main vote took place, and it was granted Outline Planning permission, but with a pretty slim majority.
    One Councillor managed to vote for both resolutions i.e. For and Against the Application.

    So we may sleep soundly, reassured that our future interests are being protected by capable people.

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