Hornsey Park Road–One Way Street Log

Hornsey Park Road is now temporarily a one way street. This page will log our experiences as National Grid works continue...


7 comments on “Hornsey Park Road–One Way Street Log”

  1. Clarendon Road continues to appear in the old state, i.e. not a through road on Google Maps.
    HPR is B138, a B Road, unlike other roads that form PMRA, and appears in light yellow shade. Haringey Council will have the means to ensure a new completed road appears on Sat-Nav systems and eventually to the 2013 edition of A-Z atlas. PMRA should seek to upgrade the new road as the B Road thereby demoting HPR to an unlisted road to reduce through traffic.

  2. Traffic from the Shopping City end travelling down Hornsey Park Road has been accessing Clarendon Road . That was causing some problems. Today I saw a sign stating this was now expressly forbidden. Let's hope that works, otherwise there will be problems crossing the path of traffic entering from the Turnpike Lane end.

  3. I have seen a few bikes travelling the "wrong way" along Hornsey Park Road, as clearly they cannot use the roadway. They are using the pavement, so this is something which is going tol happen.

  4. The landfill bins were emptied in Hornsey Park Road today, so only one working day late. Not bad in the circumstances.

  5. The contractors did not collect the landfill bins on Friday, although did empty the recycling containers. I am on that part of the road where the parking bins are currently coned off and it would not be possible to move the wheelie bins without taking them up the road and back. However, the recycling can be lifted over the barrier. That may explain what happened around this section but if landfill has not been collected for the whole road then perhaps there is some other reason..

    There has been occasions where it has been difficult to cross Clarendon Road. Traffic from Turnpike Lane has jumped the lights, then it is necessary to wait for traffic from Clarenden Road, and once that is clear, the traffic is moving again from Turnpike Lane. I suppose the answer is to walk down the Eastern side of Hornsey Park Road.

  6. I came acroos the chaotic one way system arund 8.30 this morning when coming from Turnpike Lane into Mary Neuner. That was bad enough.but HPR was even worse. I noticed residents now had no parking spaces. Various vehicles, including cyclists, tried to and were going the wrong way when entering from the side roads despite very clear signs. If this goes on for 8 weeks i think there will be accidents. I will be trying to remember to use Ally Pally Way instead.

  7. Longer term we can assess the benefits. Speeding is still a problem it seems (2 way or 1 way) and of course some residents including me have lost their parking spaces with no attempt to redress this whilst these works go on for 2 months.

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