Hornsey Park Road Chaos as Ally Pally parties

Traffic chaos on Hornsey Park Road on Ally Pally fireworks night

Traffic chaos on Hornsey Park Road on Ally Pally fireworks night

Residents suffered more than 24 hours of disruption from noise, pollution, congestion and delay as Alexandra Palace Way was closed from Friday night and traffic, including a stream of buses was diverted to bring Hornsey Park Road to gridlock. This was on top of continued congestion caused by the closure of Colney Hatch Lane (the next nearest north-south connection to Alexandra Palace Way). Meanwhile, the Heartlands spine road, built at a cost of over £5m of public money stands empty. The spine road will shortly provide the means of access for construction of the 1000+ homes for Haringey Heartlands yet London Buses protests their drivers cannot negotiate it - perhaps they need some lessons from Waitrose's drivers, who use the road every day to reach the Chocolate Factory. London Buses should be ashamed for being so obstinate and inconsiderate. Haringey Council should wake up to the harmful effects of their inaction on residents' health and well-being. They promised the spine road would be used to take traffic from Hornsey Park Road but have for six years used every excuse to ignore that promise. The Mayor for London's mapping of air quality in our area shows the damage being done to our health while Haringey Council arrogantly refuses to make changes that would cost nothing. With National Grid planning the demolition of the gas holders and plans afoot for the development of Heartlands, we call upon Haringey Council to come up with plans to protect Hornsey Park Road from further disruption. It will cost them nothing.

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