Invitation and early ideas for a new Masterplan for Haringey Heartlands

Computer generated image of the proposed development

Computer generated image of the proposed development

Residents will be receiving an update from St. William inviting them to an exhibition to learn about their ideas for a new Masterplan for Haringey Heartlands and, more formally to join the discussion through a Development Management Forum arranged by Haringey Council.


The exhibition will be visiting our area on Tuesday, 27 June between 4pm and 8pm at Grace Baptist Church, 48 - 50 park Ridings, N8 0LD (in the hall where we have our association meetings). We are grateful to St. William for taking the trouble to visit us first. Please do try and visit and let us know what you think.

The exhibition will then visit Green room Hotel, 13 - 27 Station Road, Wood Green on Wednesday, 28th June, between 4pm and 8pm and The Community Hub (formerly the Asian Centre) at 8 Caxton Road, N22 on Thursday, 29th June between 4pm and 6pm.

Dates/Locations for public exhibitions

Dates/Locations for public exhibitions

The Development Management Forum follows at 7pm on Thursday, 29th June at heartland High School, N22 7ST.


Further details are on the Newsletter from St. William being delivered to around 8,000 addresses in the area and attached below.

Why is there discussion of a new Masterplan? PMRA understands this to be in response to:

* St. Williams's belief that they can do better than the first architects who masterplanned the existing planning permission, in the process responding to criticisms by the council's planning committee on the current consent.
Haringey Council has published a draft Area Action plan which proposes the density of development should be increased by a minimum of 50% and, for some uses substantially more. PMRA has responded to say this is not feasible and will both compromise good development and be harmful to the surrounding community. The new Masterplan will be an early interpretation of Haringey Council's draft proposals.

* St. William have received advice from Haringey Council by way of a Scoping Opinion for an Environmental Impact Assessment - in essence details matters that will need to be taken into consideration in developing a new Masterplan: the early ideas will be a response to this. PMRA will be looking for evidence that, in responding to Haringey Council's insistence that the density of development should be increased, there is a commensurate increase in open space, including restoration of the Moselle Brook and the first parts of a Blue Ribbon Walk following the course of the river through Wood Green.

* Haringey Council owns an adjacent site which is critical to the successful overall planning of the area. The existing masterplan and planning permission ignores this: we hope the new Masterplan will respond to the need to coordinate the planning of both sites.

* Haringey Council is working with developers for the Iceland store site which will see comprehensive redevelopment of land from Mayes Road (back of the Shopping City) to Clarendon Road (near Turnpike Lane): to date, Haringey Heartlands and the Iceland sites have not been planned to respect and coordinate with each other: the new Masterplan will hopefully address this serious deficiency in planning and see the introduction of the Blue Ribbon 'riverside' Walk.

Is this a good thing:
Yes, if it moderates and informs Haringey Council's recklessly high AAP densities
Yes if the site becomes better planned and more integrated into the wider neighbourhood
Yes, if it respects and improves upon the massing, heights and overlooking present in the current planning permission
Yes, if it delivers more open space, including the full potential of the Pocket Park, the restoration of the Moselle Brook and creation of a Blue Ribbon 'riverside' Walk for Heartlands and Wood Green, and space to memorialise the gas holders
Yes, if it ensures that traffic in shared fairly between Mary Neuner Road and Hornsey Park Road and that overall, traffic levels in Hornsey Park Road will decrease in delivering the AAP vision

Yes, many. Key ones are unrealistic density, building heights, overlooking, open space and connectivity, the proposed district energy power station, additional traffic, the council not considering the impact of development and needs of the established community. We are also concerned about the delay in developing the site and the continuing uncertainty.

And after this:
Nothing can change without a new planning application.

Download the Haringey Heartlands Exhibition invitation as a PDF

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