Living Street event with Catherine West

Some trucks are just too big

We’ve decided to call off this Saturday’s meeting about Hornsey Park Road. MP Catherine West was to join have joined us at 11am by the new benches at ‘Mayes Corner’ at the back of the Shopping Mall. A lot of neighbours and friends were planning to attend. Although the government’s changed restrictions don’t apply until Monday this no longer seems a safe thing to do. Catherine will meet individual members of the Hornsey Park Road a Living Street group in the course of the morning instead.

Here are the issues we’ll be explaining to her.

Hornsey Park Road is a dense residential street, and it should be closed to vehicles over 7.5 tons. We’ve asked Catherine to support our demands for proper investment and for it to be made safer, quieter and less polluted. A living street, in other words. These demands will require a change of heart by Haringey Council, flexibility from Transport for London and greater enthusiasm from St William who have committed funds for improvements opposite the lime-trees where residents have said they want to see a new zebra crossing. Vinzent Egger’s proposals for improving the current plans were a hit when he explained them earlier in the summer. 

Bad vibrations...

More and more people in the street are talking about these concerns. They vary depending on where you live – in some parts its dangerous driving, in others vibration. And for all of us there’s the terrible state of the pavements from one end to the other. So far, despite the involvement of Councillor Moyeed, Haringey officials have shown little interest in talking purposefully about our street. That’s going to have to change. We must now find new ways to make that clear. 

Download the PDF with the Lime Tree Proposals below:

You can let us know your views by commenting here or through Twitter @parksidemalvern or by email to or by phoning John Miles on 07817 424356. If you’d like to share your views through the local press we’re going to try to arrange it.

JM: September 10th 2020

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