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Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch

Linked to and working closely with the Parkside Malvern ResidentsAssociation is the Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch.

Neighbourhood Watch began in the UK in 1982 and is now one of the largestvoluntary movements in the UK. The Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch is apartnership between the police and residents of Park Ridings, Malvern Road,and Hornsey Park Road, which through the Parkside Malvern ResidentsAssociation co-operates with the residents of Ravenstone Road, the Avenue,and Alexandra Road. The aim of this partnership is to secure and maintain thesafety of our community. This involves distributing information, giving advice,reporting and taking action against criminal behaviour, holding consultations,and lobbying government officials about area issues.

From ensuring that the streets are kept clean to reporting graffiti tolarger projects such as campaigning against Wood Green’s gamblingestablishments, the Sunrise Watch aims not only to report but to prevent sofar as possible criminal activity in our area.The Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch is led by Area Coordinator Ryan King.To find out more about Neighbourhood Watch visit the official national websitesupported by the Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers(ACPO) at

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