New Railway shed - work in progress

The proposed railway depot

Railroaded through: The proposed depot has been approved

You may have seen a new, very long structure  running alongside the railway.  It is quite dominant.   You may also have seen a large crane, or sometimes two. You may have heard noise from plant and machinery,  hammering  for six days a week. The structure already stretches from beyond the gas holders, going southwards down Hornsey Park Road.  This is still more work to do. The end is not yet in sight.  The railway is currently constructing new "stabling" for  the maintenance  and repair of trains on, as I understand it, the entire North-South line. This stabling apparently is going to be one of two such places  in the whole of England - and we have got it all to ourselves. Lucky old us. It will be used mainly during the night hours.

The new depot as seen from Hornsey Station

The new depot as seen from Hornsey Station

I suspect the building is much longer and much higher than most imagined. It dwarfs all surrounding buildings. It continues to snake its way through our  Ward.

During  the consultation progress,  we were  told  at a meeting  with the railway that there would be some slight increase in background noise for local residents. When the matter was approved by the Planning Committee (despite many objections from residents), the Council were told by a different, and more senior railway representative, there would  be no extra noise at all.  What's the truth?  We shall be the judge of that.

Although only the skeleton of the structure is currently in place , the former views of Alexandra Palace have already gone (save for the upper part of the aerial). At present we can see Heartlands School, but not for much longer.  We shall no longer see trains, just hear them.  As the location is  on the  West of Hornsey Park Road, there will also be some loss of the Sun  during part of the day.

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