No more wildcat HMOs in Hornsey Park?

The Council had just announced that, from 30 November 2013 planning permission will be required to convert houses in our Ward into Homes in Multiple Occupation (HMO). Permission is already required where a house is not a single family home. It is good news for our area because family housing is a planning priority so permission should not, generally be given.  Some of our roads have suffered more than others from an excessive number of poorly managed and maintained houses with multiple tennants. The Heartlands development, when built will provide studio, one and two bedrooms flats, further increasing the importance of family housing.

While this is good news, we need to ensure the council does not carve out an exception to the policy for our roads - WE NEED TO WATCH THEM CLOSELY.


The direction will remove permitted development rights from property owners who want to change a household home (Class3) into a house in multiple occupation (HMO-Class4).

Under current planning rules, homeowners of properties with fewer than three storeys can usually convert the home into a dwelling for multiple unrelated tenants without planning permission, creating a loss of family housing.

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