Noel Park Market opens on 14th of July

By Rachella from Noel Park North Area Residents Association

As you probably know, Noel Park Market is launching Sunday July 14 at Noel Park School, and continuing every Sunday.

If anyone would like to have a stall or volunteer, please let me know.

We could use volunteers:

I"ve signed the market up with Haringey Time Bank so volunteers with get Time Bank hours for any time spent volunteering with the market. You can trade these in for free activities and classes around the borough and beyond. You can also trade them in for free stall space at Noel Park Market.

If you"d like a stall, we have a tiered cost scheme so no one who wants to participate is left out:

  • Commercial traders: £20
  • Local residents: £15 You"re welcome to share a space with another resident and split the cost.
  • Paid up members of NPNARA: £10 Why? This market would not exist without the help of NPNARA.
  • Youth stalls £10 (Noel Park residents aged 11-21 who would like to start a businees that would fit in the market) People in this group will become part of an enterprise group for youth that we"re setting up and may also be eligible for some start-up funding.
  • Volunteers: free (see above)
  • Local residents" groups / NPNARA, Sandlings, Page HIgh, Sky City, Parkside Malvern: free

Crowds enjoying a day out at Harringay Market. Soon Noel Park will also have a local market.

Crowds enjoying a day out at Harringay Market. Soon Noel Park will also have a local market.

Also, Big Green Bookshop has generously offered to split the takings 50/50 with a stallholder who would like to take charge of a couple of boxes of used books for its "Pay What You Want" book stall.  Let me know if you"re interested in doing that.

Please contact Noel Park Market ASAP to reserve a stall space.

I think that"s everything. If you have any questions, let me know. In the meantime, if you have a Facebook account, it would be great if you could "like" the market"s facebook page so traders we"ve signed up already, as well as those who are thinking about it can see the the market has community support.

I"d also like to thank Unltd for the Star People award who provided start-up costs for the market.


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