One Way – or another? What to say about Hornsey Park Road's One-Way

The Hornsey Park Road’s One-Way system is now a month old and possibly halfway through its life. We want to know your views about it and whether this, or something developed from it could be the answer to traffic problems in this long suffering road.

The system has settled in well, with residents enjoying significantly less traffic, noise, vibration and pollution. Many have said the arrangement should be kept and the spine road made to take its share of the traffic. However, some across the area have concerns. By talking about any problems, we hope to find a solution that retains the first improvement in living conditions in Hornsey Park Road for more than 30 years, whilst being fair to everyone. We want to find the balance that is best for our community and will not harm Wood Green.

Let us know what you think on the link below. Please also speak to your neighbours to get their views. If there is a consensus that a one way system of some sort should be kept, we will call a Special General Meeting, to which highways officers and
our councillors will be invited and petition the council. You could also show you support now by downloading our poster and putting it in your front window.

We have a unique opportunity to radically improve our area but time is not on our side. Once the temporary scheme has been taken away, it will be conveniently forgotten and any lessons learnt ignored. There will also be pressure from the council and developers to take traffic off the spine road, or at least not using it for anything other than access, once the Heartlands development starts.

This is our moment: help us to decide. If you would like to collect signitures for a petition or help in any other way, please use the contact below to get in touch.

4 comments on “One Way – or another? What to say about Hornsey Park Road's One-Way”

  1. The one way system is just about to be removed this evening.
    Its been an absolute godsend to have the temporary system in place and we implore you to petition to make it a permanent solution.
    Traffic and tailbacks have been eliminated. The noise has been greatly reduced. The air quality has improved and no longer affects the asthma that our mum suffers with. There is a much more relaxed "air" along the entire street.
    It makes absolute sense to send the traffic going into Wood Green along the new road that until the one way system was put in place was completely unused.
    Who would have thought that one could become so attached to a one way sytem ..... we want it back .... for good.

  2. A rare bit of congestion in HPR this morning, thanks to the advertising van blocking one lane at the Turnpike Lane traffic lights. I wonder if this regular event (when they change over the hoarding on the side of the doctor's surgery) has ever been caught by the traffic camera that so efficiently catches users of the bus lane. Otherwise, pretty quiet on the spine road this morning, after the half term break.

    Trick-or-Treating last night was a so much more fun (and safer) with less traffic - it was very quiet traffic wise, as has been the case for the past two months.

  3. The one way system may only benefit the residents of Hornsy Park road. The surrounding arteries have to suffer at their expense. Roads such as Malvern Road and Ravenstone Road are forced into a situation if they have to either make a ( now illegal) l turn into Clarendon Road or roll the dice with a U turn at the junction at whitman road or a u turn From The Junction past Turnpike lane accross thre lanes of traffic back onto your self. The suggestion that Hornsey park Road be made into a one way road only is about as ludicrous as the suggestion was made in 2007/8 that Alexandra road be made int a two way road.

  4. There is definitely a more relaxed atmosphere around here, and it is a lot quieter. If Heartlands goes ahead we will be affected by that, so would be nicer if Hornsey Park Road was quieter than formerly. And much easier to cross the road. I would be in favour in retaining the one-way system. Obviously there will be more room for the traffic once the gas works are complete.

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