Playstreet is coming to Hornsey Park

(and it could be as soon as Sunday, 26th May, Bank Holiday Weekend)

Play Street Galloway Road W12

We have permission, the Notices are up and Haringey Council has offered us as a one off the potential to get up to £200 towards our costs. We plan to run the event on 26th May between 10.30am – 12.30pm or even a little bit later. A couple of hours will probably see us exhausted.

Park Ridings and Malvern Road will be closed to through traffic.

It will give children the chance to play safely in the great outdoors where they live while hopefully the parents and grownups enjoy a drink and a natter.

What can we do?

HavfunIdeas include cycling, skipping, tug-of-war, table tennis, giant board games, bubble machine, balloons, cakes– whatever everyone wants to do.

Could you or a group of friends look after a street or a part of the event?

Can you help put together the plan?

To make it a Playstreet event, it must be:

  •  Open to all residents of our residents association, all ages from all roads (children and parents at local schools already have the connections)
  • Allow the younger ones to play safely where they live
  • Inclusive – allowing all residents to join in if they’d like to but allow those who don’t to come and go by car or have visitors whilst respecting the occasion
Play Street Galloway Road W12

Please share this opportunity with friends and neighbours in our streets. Everyone will be welcome to join in on the day. If there is enough interest in the 26th May, we will meet before Saturday 18th May and decide who does what and complete the formalities with Haringey.

The residents association email is Please let us know if you support the event or would like to help. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Marcus, Co-chair, PMRA

Photos by Hammersmith & Fulham, licensed under Creative Commons

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