PMRA Annual General Meeting - 7pm, 12th October, 2016

PMRA General Meeting

PMRA General Meeting

Church Hall at rear of Grace Baptist Church, Park Ridings, N8 (shopping city end)

Two Part Meeting:

Part 1:

Heartland Update: the Residents and Businesses Liaison group will be attending and proving an update of their work and progress over the the past year

Veolia will be joining us to help plan the Community Clean Up on 15th October, 2016

* Pocket Park
* Late running Community Streets project to improve the environment in Hornsey Park
* Concern over the approval of a 14 storey tower block between Hornsey railway station and the Mosque and why we should be concerned
* New projects and campaigns
* Membership and participation - our area faces more challenges than ever. After 16 years, how do we stay fresh, relevant and at the centre of our community

Part 2:

* Reports
* Election of Committee for new year

Would you be interested joining in the work of the association or becoming a member of the committee? The only qualifications are you must be willing to to work together for the good of our neighbourhood and will need to be a resident of a road in our area.

The Parkside Malvern Residents Association (PMRA) was formed in 1999 and is the Registered Residents Association representing the residents of Hornsey Park Road, Alexandra Road, Malvern Road, Park Ridings, Ravenstone Road and The Avenue, N8.

The Association exists under a formal constitution, with a committee elected at its AGM. The committee in turn elects a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Since August 2011, the committee comprises 4 members from Hornsey Park Road, 3 from Park Ridings, 3 from Alexandra Road and 1 member from each of Malvern Road, Ravenstone Road and The Avenue, broadly reflecting the number of residents across our area (see below). Since 2013, the committee has elected Co-chairs instead of Chair and Vice Chair, to reflect the diverse responsibilities of chairing the association. Our constitution affords all residents of our area automatic membership. There are also opportunities for membership of a sub-group of the committee or on a co-opted basis in areas of special interest.

meeting agm report 5 feb 2014


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