PMRA Community Garden receives boost from Mayor

The Mayor for London’s has awarded us £500 towards our community gardening in Martins Walk, the alleyway between Alexandra Road and Park Ridings, where we plan a mural, a sign to help give the place an identity and a planter opposite the bench at the Alexandra Road end of the alleyway.  Long term, we hope to make the walk from Alexandra Road to Horney Park Road a linear community garden. With the assistance of artist Sue Wigley and the donation of some railway sleepers by London Waste (the council's partner in recycling), we will start work on making the planter on the first Saturday on November, our regular day for community gardening.


(images by Sibel Izzet)

The bench was the subject of much discussion at the AGM: residents liked that it was a popular resting spot but disliked how dirty the area around it has become and the lack of cleaning by the council. It is hoped that this, and future gardening initiatives will help encourage the council, visitors and residents to respect and help look after the space.

The association will contribute some of its own funds as well as all the labour to help make this next part of the community garden a success.  Please contact us if you would like to help or have any ideas on how the space could be further improved.


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