Off-licence for Alexandra Road?

UPDATE - 5th May 2013

The application for an Off License on Alexandra Road has been granted.

At the 29April licensing hearing, the committee perused all submitted representations includingseveral against, one for, and a few that were against the application but were laterwithdrawn.

In addition to hearing from the applicant’s legal team, the committee heard a detailed presentation from PMRA Vice-Chair and Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator Ryan King and a few words from local resident Don Dempster appealing for the application’s rejection in line with current legislative criteria: theprevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance,and the protection of children from harm. Sadly, the committee seemed to havemade up its mind before any presentation was made; in fact, one of the councillor’s on the committee made her bias quite evident by speaking pleasantly to and asking soft, irrelevant questions of the applicant while constantly scowling and shaking her head from side to side as King and Dempster made there presentations. Immaterial evidence on behalf of the applicant was accepted: a petition of residents from acompletely different street, the criteria of need and location were done away with inthe 90s making this legally useless).

Relevant evidence from King and Dempster was rejected: important and acknowledged studies linking alcohol to anti-social behaviourand demonstrating the effects of Off License proliferation on young people, a widelypublicized statement from Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe proposing zero-toleration for off license applications in certain areas, anecdotal evidence of crime in the immediate vicinity of the shop, crime statistics for the wider area, and other information about Alexandra Road, surrounding roads, and the Sky City estate.

It is unfortunate that none of the Ward councillors were present to speak on behalf of the area and only one (Cllr. Pauline Gibson) was present as an observer. It is also unfortunate that, as happened last year with the Betfred application, the police again did not submit representation against the applicant for fear the case might fail and they incur legal costs.

It is disappointing that no cumulative impact report has been made by responsible authorities. Residents are not deterred, though, and they are pursuing ways of appealing the Council’s decision and reporting any misconduct.


UPDATE 24th April 2013

We have written to Cllrs Alan Strickland, James Stewart and Pauline Gibson (our three ward councillors), Cllr Joanna Christophides, (the Area Forum Chair) and Jeanelle de Gruchy (Director of Public Health). Cllr Stewart has written to object.

After extensive discussions with the Licensing Officer, it is clear that, for an argument to be sustained it must demonstrate how the application submitted and the contents of the operating schedule would fail to uphold or promote the four licensing objectives. Our argument must be clear as to why the application (the premises or the management of the premises) would contribute to crime in the area. Our objections will need to demonstrate to the Committee that this particular store is the cause or the reason for the anti-social behaviour, crime, underage drinking etc in the neighbourhood.  It is work reminding ourselves that views expressed to the association have been supportive of the Mini-Market and that a well run and vibrant store would be a valuable addition to the local community.

The meeting is at 7pm on 29th April, 2013 at the Civic Centre, Wood Green High Road, N22 8LE. The committee comprises Cllrs Beacham, Demirci and Peacock.
The Report is attached.

Special Licensing sub Cttee 2013 04 29 - WG mini mart



UPDATE - 20th April 2013

The Association and those residents who made representations to the council have received letters advising that the application will be considered by the Licencing Committee on 29th April, 2013 and an invitation to attend and make further representation. The Association replied on 20th April, 2013 as follows:
Dear Ms Barrett,
Could you please advise whether residents who did not write during the consultation period are able to attend.
We look forward to receiving your report as soon as possible. In this regard, a clear impression was given at the Area Forum on 18th April that Public Health and the council generally have made the connection between the availability of alcohol through licenced and unlicenced premises and problems around alcohol abuse, ill health (in all its forms) and anti-social behaviour and crime, all of which there is a high prevalence of in the immediate vicinity. The Neighbourhood Police Sergent concurred. The maps, graphs and stats we were shown supporting this. Will your report be making reference to this connection.
The Licence procedure Rules were not attached. Could you please forward.
We look forward to hearing from you.
for PMRA



The closing date to comment on or object to the application is today, 15th April, 2013.

You can email comments and objections to Haringey Council's Licensing Team at

Grounds for objection are limited to:
* The prevention of crime and disorder
* Public safety
* The prevention of public nuisance
* The protection of children from harm

The association and our Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch have
written, objecting to the application. There is no objection to the
mini-market - a well managed convenience store it would be a welcome addition to our community.

We are also aware that some residents in Alexandra Road have
objected individually and in groups.  You can email the association if you have any queries or would like help in writing to the council.


You may have seen a notice for a planned mini-market and off-licence in Alexandra Road, opposite the end of Martins Walk. It is planned to be open 7am to 11pm selling alcohol.

We have concerns regarding this area which has a major problem with littering, traffic and anti-social behaviour. (See Ryan King's contribution below)

Please let us know how you feel about this application and, even more importantly, tell the council.

Follow this link for a guide to making representations:

Application for mini-market and off licence in Alexandra Road

Application for mini-market and off licence in Alexandra Road (click to enlarge)

Applicant: Mr. Onur Bozoglu

Premises: Wood Green Mini Market, 108 Alexandra Road, London N8 0LJ.
Application: Supply of alcohol for consumption off the premises


Any person wishing to make representation may do so by writing to

Licensing Team
Units 271-272
Lee Valley Technopark
Ashley Road
N17 9LN

Proposed Off-License is Just Not On

by Ryan King

Recent cause for speculation has been the plan for the property from which the recently closed “Jo Ann’s Fish and Reptiles” operated on Alexandra Road. Residents need wait no longer for concrete news. This morning I received an email relating its potential fate to me, and have now seen the evidence myself. A sign attached to the shop’s shuttered front now informs us that that an application has been made for a Premises License under the Licensing Act 2003 that will allow “Supply of alcohol for consumption off the premises from 07:00 to 23:00 Sunday to Saturday”.


This is not something that residents of the Hornsey Park area either want or need.

Good place for an Off licence?

Good place for an Off-licence?

The small successes of resident-led efforts to reverse the sad, downward trajectory of Wood Green as a whole by improving and beautifying their own corner of it may well
be all but destroyed by the granting of this application. The immediate surroundings
of the shop’s location (on a residential street – not a High Road!) have most recently
been not only a serious topic of conversation, but the focus of real action – a well-
supported application to the Mayor for funding a pocket park was recently made
by Parkside Malvern Residents Association incorporating Martins Walk and the
upper end of Alexandra Road (where the proposed off-license is located). While the
application lost its bid on this occasion, improvements are still in residents’ sights.
The granting of this application may very well be the undoing of residents’ plans for
their own area, and will certainly damage their chances in successfully bidding for
projects around that location:


Dick: "Did you hear the RA won its latest bid for a pocket park?”
Jane: “I did! Someone told me they have already put it in?”
Dick: “Yes – it’s brilliant! A charming little space that really does something for the
Jane: “How lovely! Where exactly is it?”
Dick: “In front of the new Off-License.” - Went no conversation ever.

Some might argue that a shop of this nature could be convenient. Indeed, this might
seem the only redeemable feature. But consider if you would find the following

  1. More litter (in an area difficult enough to keep clean as it is)
  2. More street drinkers (who may decide to bed down in your front garden)
  3. More urine in the alcoves
  4. More vomit on the walks
  5. More anti-social behaviour in the streets
  6. More damage to property
  7. More harm to persons
Bins and litter close to the proposed shop premises.

Bins and litter close to the proposed shop premises.

Everything about this application, from its location to its very nature, is an insult to
those peace-loving, hard-working, law-abiding residents who truly care about the
Hornsey Park area and have worked for many years now to improve it. Might I urge
you to make representation against this application? (Details on top of page)

Ryan King is Vice-Chair of the Parkside Malvern Residents Association and is the
Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for the Sunrise Neighbourhood Watch. He
is a fourth year student at Highland Theological College of the University of the
Highlands and Islands and serves as the assistant pastor of Grace Baptist Church
(Wood Green) at 50 Park Ridings.

3 comments on “Off-licence for Alexandra Road?”


    Mr Onic Bozoglu

    RE: 108 Alexandra Road, London, N8 0LJ

    Firstly I would like to introduce myself, my name is Onur Bozoglu, I am 27 years old, current store manager for EE Wood Green and I have lived in Haringey/Wood Green for 20 years.
    As you may be aware, the premises quoted above has recently become available to the market and I have expressed my desire by filing for all relevant licensing and leases, if successful I would like to turn the premises into a local mini market, which through various types of market research, most notably data collected from Alexandra Road, Hornsey Road and through employees of several outlets on Wood Green High Street is something the area and the locals are in favour off and is needed as the main sources of produce, daily and basic essentials are quite some distance from the streets mentioned above.

    I am well aware of the history of the building, its traditions and more importantly some concerns from Local MP’s and Councillors regarding the two alley ways by the premises and also current and potential Anti-Social Behaviour and Public Nuisance. I would like to thank you all for your concerns, being a local and working in Wood Green (100 meters from the premises) I know about current Public Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour within Wood Green, more notably by betting shops, late night cafes and also snooker clubs. I pledge to work with Haringey Council, Noel Park Safe Neighbourhood and the Local Community to ensure that any type of public disorder, nuisance and anti-social behaviour is tackled and kept at a minimum.

    In this paragraph, I would like to talk about the current objections received for 108 Alexandra Road, the Licensing Act 2003 and also how I, along with my staff plan to tackle the following:

    *The prevention of crime and disorder,
    *The prevention of public nuisance
    *Public safety at licensed premises
    * Protection of children from harm

    Being a store manager at EE I have been trained and participated in various Human Resources, Ethical and Customer Services courses which have given me the necessary skills to liaise with customers, members of the public and how to defuse and affect outcome of potential difficult situations.

    I would like to briefly outline why 108 Alexandra Road, if turned into a mini market will not affect in a negative way the four criteria’s noted above, and the measures that I as a proprietor will take to ensure that these criteria’s are not breached.

    To prevent crime within the local area I pledge to install CCTV both inside and outside the premises. The CCTV will be in colour and also with infra-red for night vision purposes. CCTV will be maintained, kept in good working order and regularly checked to ensure it is constantly working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As per the concerns of Local Councillors regarding the two alley ways, I will have CCTV clearly covering both alley ways, Boots and the beginning of Alexandra Road which is the turning point of Wood Green High Road.
    CCTV will be recording 24 hours per day as stated, in which the police will have full access and all recordings will be stored and referenced too within a least a calendar month as required per licensing agreement. A clear and legible notice outside the premises will be clearly shown to state trading hours and licensing hours. Trading before or after licensing hours will not be permitted.

    I intended to make the shop front and inside as well lit as possible, the shop sign will be colourful and bright and I pledge to make the mini market family friendly and hazard free.
    To combat criminal activity and prevent anti-social behaviour, I will have clear and conspicuous notices stating warning that any criminal activity and anti-social behaviour and theft will be reported to the police along with CCTV recording
    I along with my members of staff will be fully aware and trained on alcohol sales. We will enforce a strict ‘Challenge 21’policy. I am very passionate about not selling alcohol illegally and will have posters around the premises, especially by the till and alcohol section with a ‘Challenge 21’ poster.

    As a Alcohol Licences holder I, along with my staff will refuse service if no prove of ID is shown.

    To further track this we will enforce an ‘Incident’ or ‘Refusal’ book with dates, times and descriptions of any member of the public seeking to purchase alcohol either by deceit or via failure to prove its age. Myself and my staff will also be fully Health and Safety and first Aid trained, public and customer safety trained and again to reiterate, fully alcohol trained.
    My staff and I will not tolerate any harassment, racism and violence, physical or verbal and will refuse service to anyone who may be heavily alcohol consumed or drug consumed. I vow to not sell to any individual in these circumstances and will report them to the police.
    To Prevent Public Nuisance, I will adhere to the licensing terms which is not to sell beyond my licensing hours. I will display ‘Please leave premises quietly’ and ‘Respect our neighbours’ signs both inside and outside the premises.
    I enforce a strict no smoking inside or outside the premises and my own staff will smoke at the rear of the premises.

    I will ensure that the premises is kept clean and hygienic at all times, this will ensure that the public view it as a place of business and will minimise any public nuisance and public disorder.

    I have been in contact with Haringey Council and also SITA for contract talk regarding refuse collections. I will ensure that no refuse is left unattended, on the high street or in close proximity to any local residents. I will ensure this is a priority to not only combat public nuisance but also potential pest, vandalism and looting.

    All deliveries will be carried out at as per licensing terms to ensure locals are not disturbed.
    My staff and I will ensure we arrive on site and leave the site in a manner which does not disturb the local residences or contributes to public nuisance.

    I will enforce for the reputation of my business, benefit of local residents and also per objections received, that I will not allow or tolerate any customers standing or gathering outside of the premises, they will be asked to leave the premises quietly.

    To increase public safety at the premises I will ensure a fire and risk assessment is put in place to ensure the premises is safe, all sections will be labelled to avoid queues, large gathering and potential hazards. All food, dairy products and frozen products will be regularly checked to ensure they have not past its sell date and again are not at risk to the public. All chemicals will kept high shelved and out of reach from children, any stainless steel cutlery and knives again away from children and ID strictly required for sales of any knifes.
    I will also ensure that when cleaning, all relevant signs are displayed as to not put any member of public at risk.

    Protecting children from harm is a priority for myself and my staff. As stated I will keep all sharp items and chemicals away from the reach of children. No adult entertainment displayed at children reach. Provide fully working and high tech CCTV that will show the high street, Alexandra Road and both alley ways to ensure that no anti social behaviour is taking effect and also that no children are at harm, consuming alcohol or part taking in drug use. My staff and I will refuse to sell to anyone member of the public under the age of 21 and will not gain a reputation or a name as a Mini Market that sells to under 21’s.
    As a proprietor I will dedicate my time, effort to ensure myself and my team give the upmost respect to our customers, members of the public and local residents.

    I’m very passionate about opening this business and have taken into account all feedback and objections. I would like to state that I have already liaised with The Noel Park Neighbourhood and put through my plans on how to tackle any potential anti-social behaviour. I believe with the premises being occupied, well lit with 4 members of staff daily on site and numerous CCTV showing both alley ways and beyond will help tackle anti social behavious, public nuisance and crime.

    I vow to adhere to my licensing terms and operate on a strict over 21’s alcohol sale policy.
    All objections put through have rightfully so stated crime, anti-social behaviour and crime, yet all these objections cam be tackled with the right measures which I have briefly detailed on this statement.

    I would like to state just what my Mini Market would bring to the area.

    *Job opportunities for locals
    *Family friendly mini market
    *Daily essentials available
    *Local owner, who is passionate about the area
    *Neighbourhood watch
    *Fund raisers and local charity events

    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future,

    Yours Sincerely

    Onic Bozoglu


    The reason why i have shared my own personal statement on this website is to prove to the residents and show them my commitment I am a young 27 year old who wants to settle down with my own business. I am very passionate and will give my 100% to my business and residents.

    MR King has pointed out that i collected petition which was not from Alexandra road, yes correct, the reason why i collected petition from Hornsey park road and Park ridings is because the few objections i received was mainly concerned about the alley way which is found opposite the shop (Martins Walk). These residents that live in Hornsey Park road and PArk ridings will be using this alley way mainly to access the high street etc so their concerns were my priority.

    Clearly Mr RYAN KING has still got a problem with me opening this business although i have pledged to go the extra mile and install extra CCTV facing the alley way across the shop (costing me extra).

    I will like to take this time in thanking everyone for their support and i hope to see everyone in the near future. I will always be happy to have a chat and get to know the residents which is a priority for me.

    Thanks again for taking time to read this..

    All the best

  2. Hi,

    Having lived in this area for over 15 years and currently working in this area, I have to agree that problems do occur but i am more concerned about these betting shops which are opening yards away from where we live.

    I don't know how true this is but the landlord i bumped into the other day who is now refurbishing the whole building had told me that Coral (Betting shop) had approached them and he had declined the idea immediately. He said he is really against the betting shops who think it is alright to open any where. So he said a small mini market will be beneficial for the area and it can be something good for the locals. SO A BIG CREDIT TO THE GUY!

    I have to agree to this as i will like to sometimes have that flexibility to be able to leave my house and get some grocery, toilet rolls or a drink in the evening rather me having to walk to turnpike lane or all the way to wood green tube station.

    As long as the store is offering daily needs;

    soft drinks

    I can't see it becoming a problem or a concern for me. We need to be backing small businesses rather than these big companies who come along and think its alright to do what they want.

    Kind Regards,

    Mr F Teixeira

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