Ramps driving residents up the wall

Speed ramps: Lack of sleep and damage to buildings

Speed ramps: Lack of sleep and damage to buildings

Residents in Alexandra Rd are up in arms against the speed reduction ramps that the council has installed.

Complaints include disturbance due to noise and vibrations but also damage to buildings.

Despite the council's assertion that a time restriction is in place, HGVs are using the residential street as a shortcut for deliveries because there is no visible signage.

As a result residents are concerned their health may be affected due to disturbed sleep or lack of it. Studies show that even a low level of sleep deprivation can be detrimental to a person's well-being. 

Additionally they have to worry about the cracks and other damage that the vibrations are causing to their homes.

The problem is exacerbated as the ramps are above the recommended height and are invisible to the drivers so they are hit at full speed.

Ravenstone Road traffic calming: visible and less noisy

Ravenstone Road traffic calming: visible and less noisy

"A few years ago we had road works and the road was cut off from the High Road. That was a pleasant experience because it reduced the noise from the ramps as there was no passing traffic." It was only used by residents/visitors/deliveries specifically in or to Alexandra Road.

Only around the corner, in Ravenstone Road N8, the council replaced and reduced the humps with red brick markings which are clearly visible and keep the disruption and damage to a minimum.

One comment on “Ramps driving residents up the wall”

  1. yes we live in Alexandra road and the lorrys are a nightmare and the vibrations are driving us up the wall. We have cracks everywhere. JJ

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