Restaurant Review: Karamel, Coburg Road

Karamel is part art gallery, music venue and restaurant. Ambitious, but can they deliver on all three of those functions? And most importantly, how is the food?

The area has been the poorer since La Kera closed a while ago but in its stead has come Karamel, part cafe, part bistro, part club, it has tables, sofas and art! Only a few weeks old, it won’t fail to charm with excellent food and service, surrounded by the buzz of the Chocolate Factory and Mountview Theatre School. Whether escaping from work, meeting friends or family or out for a walk, put the High Road behind you and head here at from breakfast onwards for an any time of day meal with a ‘glass’.

Karamel Restaurant Review

Karamel's ambition is to fuse Food and Art with Reasonable Prices. A recipe for success?

Unbelievably good prices! Fish and Chips for £3.50, a breakfast for £4.00 or quiche and salad ‘like you’ve never had’ for under a fiver! Open during the day, it’s best to check evening opening hours.

There is art found in every corner of Karamel.

There is art found in every corner of Karamel.

When visiting to shoot some photos we found great samples of art from artists, amongst others, from the nearby Chocolate Factory. Lesser known artist are given a fair chance to show their work, Wednesdays will have live music. There is a dedicated room for exhibitions. Karamel’s management are obviously interested in promoting art that you may not get to see in the more established venues and galleries, with emphasis on the local area, which has to be something that most of will certainly welcome and support.

Rooms are available for parties.

4 Coburg Road, N22

Weekdays from 8am
Saturdays from 10am

0208 829 8989

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3 comments on “Restaurant Review: Karamel, Coburg Road”

  1. Had a very good, reasonably priced lunch at Karamel on the Open Studios weekend. La Kera was a great loss and we still miss it, but Karamel is a great place and very good value. Slightly limited opening hours but hopefully this can be extended in the future. Better advertising probably needed?

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