Southbound right turn from High Rd to Station Rd?

Southbound right turn from Wood Green High Road into Station Rd

Poss. Southbound right turn from Wood Green High Road into Station Rd?

Possible southbound right turn from High Road N22 into Station Road: (See attached PDF from Haringey Council)








Our thoughts:

  • It opens up a new traffic corridor through the area – small change, major consequence
  • It takes traffic off the High Road – not necessarily a help to us
  • It takes traffic away from the A roads and puts it onto B roads, again not good for us
  • It will mean less traffic on Alexandra Road – good for us
  • It gives us the opportunity to have a weight restriction in Alexandra Road and the roads off it – good for us
  • It will provide a more direct connection to the shopping city loading bays in Mayes Road and Caxton Road from the High Road (HGVs won’t need to use Alexandra/ Malvern and Hornsey Park Roads
  • It will put more stress on HPR at the time of disruption from the Heartlands demolition and redevelopment
  • It may enable us to argue that the new right turn can only be introduced with measures to shelter HPR from its effects, e.g. HPR has a weight restriction and more traffic is made to use the spine road

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