Successful start for Hornsey Park Playstreet event

Our first Playstreet event got off to a great start.
Our first Playstreet event got off to a great start.

With around 30 children and as many adults of all ages, a table full of cakes and savouries, fresh tea and coffee and sunshine, our first Playstreet got off to a flying start. 

The children enjoyed the rare treat of traffic free streets enabling them to stretch out, scooting and cycling freely as far as they could. For the adults it was an opportunity to catch up with the neighbours.

Centred on the junction of Malvern Road and Park Ridings, residents moved their cars before the area was filled with games, chairs, tables and a gazebo where children enjoyed a sing-song. 

There was a lot to do, so much that we had no time to have the planned treasure hunt.  

Our first local quiz is attached here for anyone who didn’t have a chance to do it.

Adults and children are enjoying a sunny day out in the street. A chance to meet and chat.

We owe special thanks to the organising committee - Montse, Michaela, Gabriel and Javi, as well of all those who made cakes and brought refreshments to share.

Thanks also to the members of the PMRA Committee and family who marshalled and helped everything run smoothly.

We are also grateful for the support of Haringey’s Smarter Travel team, Homes for Haringey, St. William and the patience of neighbours who helped accommodate the event.  

We hope to hold a Playstreet every month until September before taking stock.

Please do support the initiative which helps bring the community together and gives our children the space to play with each other in the place where they live.

With very little inconvenience, it brings wide ranging benefits for everyone.

Please send in you suggestions on what we can do to improve the event or offer you help on future ones.

Details of Playstreet:

Sunday, 26th of May, 10.30am to 12.30pm, Restricted car access for Malvern Road and Park Ridings from 10-1pm. For more information contact PMRA:

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